This blog is about sustainable lifestyle. It’s about doing sustainable business, it’s about raising discussion. And having fun while doing it! Welcome to the journey with us!

My Wishlist For the Holidays!

I guess we all have some Christmas traditions that we treasure. Mine associates with family and board games. Since I was a small child my mom used to buy us a new board game every Christmas as a present. After dinner and unwrapping the gifts, we piled a huge plate full of various cheeses and […]

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New Sustainable Brands in Weecos!

At the moment, there are 203 brands in our sustainable marketplace, the place uniting sustainable designer brands and you! In Weecos shopping ethical brands is easy and trustworthy as there are no extra hands between you and your favourite designers. Meet the lovely New Brands Guardian of the Baltic Sea, Nokonen, Kaino and Vanamo Deco! […]

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My Wishlist for the Holidays

In the past few years, the holidays have usually meant a breakout from the hassle of everyday life. It’s usually during the holidays that I clear my head and get my mind set for the coming year. It’s always important for me to leave my flat in Helsinki and get away somewhere, be it Lapland, […]

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Bright Beats the Black – Weecos Challenges Others to Build an International BRIGHT FRIDAY Campaign

On Friday, the 24th of November, is Black Friday. The so-called craziest shopping weekend of the year, which many have this year extended to last for a whole week or weekend. Instead of shopping crazy just because something’s in discount, we encourage you to hold your money and stop for another second to think: do I […]

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FRENN Petri wool mohair coat in Weecos

New York Street Style with FRENN

The story behind the Finnish menswear label FRENN goes as follows: in 2013 Jarkko Kallio walked the streets of New York in a jacket made by Antti Laitinen and someone came up to him with the sole purpose of buying the jacket then and there. This inspired the creative professional duo to start their own […]

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Dear Santa…

This Christmas I wish nothing more, than spending time with my family after another busy autumn. Well, of course, it would be lovely to get some small gifts from Weecos for me and my loved ones. On the Christmas Day, it would be lovely to light up candles and wrap me with my husband to a […]

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‘Almost’ Isn’t Enough for Hanna Rainio – Fairtrade Gold and Eco-silver Enabled Her the Goldsmith’s Career

Hanna Rainio, the founder of Kätkö Koru, is the first goldsmith in Finland who uses Fairtrade gold in her jewellery. She’s happy for being new in the goldsmiths’ profession, as she has had the opportunity to do things differently and choose materials that are sustainable. – ”No way!” was my reaction when the goldsmith education […]

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For the love of our Sydänmaa

Sydänmaa means the Heartland. It is the wilderness, the distant woodland, backwoods or salo, erämaa, korpi, takamaa as we say in Finland. The common thought is that Finnish people in general love forests. We have lived in the forests as long as there has been settlement in this part of the world. Forests reinvigorate us, […]

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Laura Saarivuori-Eskola Wants to Raise Awareness on the Problems of Precious Metal Mining

Laura Saarivuori-Eskola makes jewellery out of old silver cutlery and Finnish coins. Environmental issues and recycling have been close to Laura’s heart since she was a child and therefore, entrepreneurship in the field of jewellery pondered her some time. Then she realised that through her work she could bring up the crucial problems of mining. […]

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Greetings From New York!

Almost a month since our journey to New York has passed, and it’s time to catch up! As a short recap for all: we attended the lovely Street Fair and The House of Finland exhibition with 13 Finnish brands. The exhibition was organised by The Finnish American Chamber of Commerce and Finnish Tech, Design and Art (FTDA), […]

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Weecos takes sustainable, ecological fashion to New York

Weecos heads to New York to the Finnish design event The House of Finland. The event is held between 11.-14.9.2017 and is part of a larger event – the Finland100NYC. There Weecos represents the emerging, responsible and interesting brands in our own department. The brands joining this event are Aapiste, Finarte, Jatuli, Kuula + Jylhä, MEM by Paula Malleus, […]

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NORD-T – Tea from Real Herbs, Berries and Other Nordic Forest Goodies

A few years back, the childhood friends Mirka Olin and Nina Rantala, were united at their mutual friend’s breakfast. Mirka, a passionate tea drinker, and Nina, who always gets excited about good ideas, ended up planning a Nordic Tea Revolution of their own. A revolution where Mother Nature’s ingredients, such as lingonberries, birch leaves and […]

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Home sweet home!

 Looking for new furniture for your child’s room or playful ideas to keep your kids toys in order? We have gathered the best of Finnish design together – designs so gorgeous that your kids want to stay at home to play. These brands represent not only first-class design but also sustainable values and buying from […]

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It Feels Great to Be at Home!

 Some people say that their holiday is over, but we strongly disagree on that one! Home is the best place to be, and as we spend so much time there, we suggest that the holiday continues at home. We have gathered the best of Finnish design together – designs so gorgeous that they make you desire […]

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Pre-consumer Waste, Zero Waste, Pre-Sale – Lost In Textile Waste Terms?

Pre-consumer waste. Post-consumer waste. Zero waste. Pre-sale. Mass-upcycling. Heard them but never really understood them? These terms are unfamiliar to quite many or often confused together. All of these terms back up the circular economy, which is seen, as stated in the previous Lost in terms post, as the future’s business model. Managing textile waste, […]

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Lost in Terms?

  Up-cycling. Recycling. Down-cycling. A lot of new terms have popped up lately, and they are often new, confused together or misused. As Weecos also has a quite wide range of products using these methods in their production a simple vocabulary of these essential words is needed. *** CIRCULAR ECONOMY The big, trendy term – […]

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Textiles Out of Bananas, Pineapples And Fungus?

As we’ve come aware of the environmental impacts of cotton, for example, technology has taken a role for years in creating new materials. Several technological innovations, alternatives for the traditional materials, have emerged. Are bananas, mushrooms and pineapples familiar to you and perhaps the answers to ethical and sustainable fashion? *** PINEAPPLE Could your next […]

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Best Summer Islands of Helsinki

Buying from local designers and brands is one thing, but one can easily think that local travel doesn’t have a lot to offer. We at Weecos wanted to prove otherwise, so we took a field day in July and headed to the surrounding islands of Helsinki: Isosaari, Lonna, Vallisaari & Suomenlinna. We also geared up […]

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Episode 11: Here it happens!

In the eleventh episode of Hardcore Fashion, Paula Malleus visits the museum of Amos Anderson – the place where Revolt collection is revealed in two weeks! In addition to three MEM pieces, what else must be done before the show? Watch the eleventh episode of Hardcore Fashion and hear what plans Paula has for the runway show.   […]

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Clothing Brands Changing the Fashion More Sustainable

Big brands are using new technologies to make fashion more sustainable. But we feel that smaller design brands are doing significant work too, as it’s said, “big things have small beginnings”. Especially when people working together. So meet TAUKO Design, Reet Aus and Paula Malleus, brands who’s work have influence on the environmental issues as well. *** […]

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Weecos Birthday!

It is time for celebrations! Weecos Ltd was established on the 28th of June in 2012, so the company is now 5 years old! Weecos – Sustainable Marketplace service was launched in Midsummer 2013 and it is now 4 years old. Last year has been truly the best one so far. We have grown in many […]

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Episode 9: Where from the post-consumer waste comes?

What is post-consumer waste and where from it comes? In the ninth episode of Hardcore Fashion, Paula Malleus heads to Turku to get more materials. Although this journey goes well, it’s not always as easy to get leftover materials. See what are the reasons for collaborations to fall with recycling organisations, who collects the leftover second-hand materials […]

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Cool, Ethical and Sustainable Clothing for Kids – We LOVE Them!

Can’t find swimsuits, clothing, a comfortable blanket or a softie to hug for your kid? No worries, Weecos is here to make shopping for ethical children’s clothing one less thing to worry about. We’ve gathered some of our favourite ethical children’s clothing brands, and these are not only conscious choices but also COOL choices for your […]

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Weecos x Helsinki Pride Working for Human Rights and the Equal World

We in Weecos believe that every human being is equal and valuable regardless of their sexual orientation or gender expression. We don’t want people to be labelled, discriminated or loathed because of who they choose to love. In addition, we want to back up a community, which inspires, educates and celebrates our diverse society. And […]

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