This blog is about sustainable lifestyle. It’s about doing sustainable business, it’s about raising discussion. And having fun while doing it! Welcome to the journey with us!

Nokian Neulomo Learns by Listening

When looking back, huge steps have been taken since last summer when the first words of Nokian Neulomo story were written. It all started with a half-crazy idea and evolved into a surprising success story no one expected. The year has been fast but most of all rewarding. There’s been ups and downs, surely, but isn’t […]

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Anne Linnonmaa encourages people to challenge the world

Uncompromising, ecological and ethical fashion combined with design. These were the principles Anne Linnonmaa, the Finnish designer and entrepreneur, has always been determined to follow in everything she does. Anne is an excellent example of how a single person can affect the world with their everyday choices and she encourages others to challenge the world […]

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Papu’s new collection takes us to summer night dreams!

Can you remember the gentle atmosphere of a bright summer night? A small shrew is squeaking in the grass and burrs stick to your shirt – listen to them giggle. Papu’s Spring/Summer collection takes us to summer night dream world where anything is possible. This poem captures the spirit of the collection. SUMMER NIGHT DREAM  Wandering through […]

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The Year of Adventures

The year 2017 is moving already full speed ahead! Looking back the year 2016 huge things have happened. We got plenty of new amazing brands, new interesting and pioneer collections, a new implementation partner, a new board of directors and wonderful new team members! And it seems that the pace is going to be as […]

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Outi Pyy visited the Chinese clothing factories in the late 90s’. The experience changed her way of thinking and nowadays she encourages consumers to take care and humanise their clothes.   In 1998 Outi, a 20-year-old seamstress student, travelled to China for a three-week internship. Her mum worked at the purchasing sector for a sportswear […]



The new fashion collection “SAMURAI” by MEM Paula Malleus is by far the most unique fashion collection you’ve ever seen. The main material used in the collection is worn, old jeans. Read further why it can be called the world’s most ecological collection! The MEM SAMURAI collection is available on the 30th of November in […]


Uhana Design fights against the throwaway society

At the moment Uhana Design enjoys a fast growing popularity. With their imaginative, playful prints and high-quality fabrics, Mira Vanttaja and Hanna Virkamäki fight against the disposable culture. Previously they ended up entrepreneurs together, but what keeps them doing this and how does the values of responsibility show in their business? Uhana Design was founded in […]

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Uhana Design fights against the throwaway society

At the moment Uhana Design enjoys a fast growing popularity. With their imaginative, playful prints and high-quality fabrics, Mira Vanttaja and Hanna Virkamäki fight against the disposable culture. But how did these two women end up entrepreneurs? Only a few minutes pass by with Mira and Hanna and it seems obvious. They share the cheerfulness, playfulness and the […]

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Weecos brings sustainable fashion again to Sokos Helsinki

What a great autumn! Not only the most interesting Finnish designer labels can be found again from Sokos Helsinki but also from Nordic Designers´ Pop-up Shop at the shopping mall Itis. We at Weecos are proud to participate in both pop-ups. Due to the massive interest in Finnish design and the huge success of FIN POP UP at Sokos Helsinki we were happy to […]

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The motto ”quality instead of quantity” applies both to the production of MOIMOI Accessories and to the everyday life on Raquel Alonso Miranda and Kalle Järveläinen. The two mix Mediterranean colours with Scandinavian clean style and this combination has been very popular also in our Sokos Helsinki pop-up. Raquel and Kalle believe in traditional craftsmanship, […]


Suomalaiset naiset veivät neulomolaisten sydämet

Neulomo pyysi mittoja ja vartalokuvia. Mitä he saivat? Yhteensä 825 mielenkiintoista, hämmästyttävän rohkeaa mallihakemusta, täynnä upeita ja yllättäviä tarinoita, jotka nostattivat niin naurun kuin liikutuksen kyyneleitä silmiin. Kiitos teille kaikille! Tämä haku ei jää tähän. Kun Nokian Neulomon myyntijohtaja Marika Snellman lisäsi Facebook-päivityksen mallihausta, hän kuvitteli saavansa reilut kymmenkunta hakemusta. Seuraavien päivien aikana sähköpostiin kuitenkin […]

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Nokian Neulomo is recruiting people!

It was announced, a few days ago, that Nokian Neulomo Oy bought the Nokia factory business from Nanso. Thanks to the open-minded thinking, huge courage and strong willpower of keeping the factory rolling! But what does this practically really mean and what’s happening in the short-term future? You as a model perhaps? Everybody is interested […]

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Happy Birthday Weecos!

It is said that a three-year-old has a vivid imagination, is full of joy, moves fast, babbles a lot and makes questions out of curiosity. Well, in my opinion this describes perfectly the three-year-old Weecos as well – Happy Birthday! Like a child, Weecos has taken giant steps of development between the ages of two […]

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Weecos is three years old!

Weecos has a birthday next week! The week will be full of aaawesome things. We’ll offer you items on sale, new shops and new products. We’ll also publish our very first marketing video ever! So stay tuned by following us on Facebook and Instagram. We happily welcome you to celebrate the anniversary with us!

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Mikä ihmeen ennakkomyynti?

Ennakkomyynti on herättänyt jonkin verran kyselyjä, ja koska aiomme käyttää tätä toimintamallia tuotannossa jatkossakin, päätimme avata ennakkomyynnin toimintaperiaatteita!   MITEN ENNAKKOMYYNTI TOIMII? Ennakkomyynnillä pyritään varmistamaan se, että kaikki halukkaat saavat tuotteen. Tässä on myös suurin ero perinteiseen tuotantoon nähden: perinteisen tuotannon haasteena voi olla, että kysyntää on enemmän kuin tuotteita on valmistettu. Ennakkomyyntituotteita valmistetaan siis tilausten […]

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What is pre-sale?

The concept of pre-sale has risen a lot of questions and therefore, we decided to open the idea of pre-sale to you in detail! In addition, the concept is significant to understand because we are going to use this way of doing in future too. SO FIRSTLY, HOW DOES PRE-SALE WORK? The basic idea of […]

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Summer greetings from Weecos

New layoyt, new blog, new shops, co-operations with inspirational people, first marketing video, FIN POP-UP in Sokos, plenty of new customers and motivated team! This sums up the amazing spring we have had and gives us strength to continue the development of the Weecos towards sustainable lifestyle ecosystem. Since the beginning of the year have had […]

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Pricing Finnish Design

Pricing is a tricky question entrepreneurs seem to face weekly. Where from come the costs of a 100€ bag or a 150€ dress? We opened the prices of three products. It seems that it is so common to buy a shirt for 10€, that a price tag containing three numbers, or is over 40€, is […]

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