Happy Easter

It is great to start the Easter holidays with good news! This is the fourth time when Finnwatch conducts a survey of the usage of certified chocolate in Easter treats. The amount of certified chocolate has increased significantly to this year. Almost 30% of the Easter Chocolates in Finnish markets is certified. For example last year Ruokakesko […]

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Recycling your textiles

Do you buy your clothes after consideration or can there be found clothes with price tags in your closet? In this world where fashion and trends change rapidly, have you ever thought how much fabric is thrown to the trash when manufacturing clothes? Or does it even matter to you? * * * It has […]

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Nice to see you here at Weecos sustainable lifestyle blog!

This blog is about sustainable lifestyle. It’s about doing sustainable business, it’s about raising discussion. And having fun while doing it! Welcome to the journey with us! Weecos is about creating good for people and the planet – it is a sustainable marketplace, a place for environmentally friendly and ecological fashion and sustainable design. The […]

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