Pricing Finnish Design

Pricing is a tricky question entrepreneurs seem to face weekly. Where from come the costs of a 100€ bag or a 150€ dress? We opened the prices of three products. It seems that it is so common to buy a shirt for 10€, that a price tag containing three numbers, or is over 40€, is […]

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One month ago opened our very first pop-up ever – FIN POP UP at Sokos Helsinki!  We were and we still are super excited about this! In case you haven’t visited our pop-up yet, no worries. The pop-up will last until the end of July, so you still have a lot time to check it out. […]


Behind the scenes!

We had the most wonderful time last week at Helsinki with extremely talented people! Shooting this video was so much fun and it was absolutely fantastic to watch all these professionals, such as director Jussi Ratilainen, working. Last week we spent three days in Helsinki and one of those days was dedicated to making this Weecos […]

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Heidi Korva – Finland’s number one Fashion Revolutionist

The Fashion Revolution campaign was organized already for the third time this year. In Finland, this quick-witted, energetic, hardworking woman is behind it all! Why did she become Finland’s Fashion Revolutionist? The Fashion Revolution campaign was held a few weeks ago and people demanded change to fashion industry’s practises worldwide. Among others was Heidi Korva, […]

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WWOOLLFF CO. street clothing company has summarized their designer vision into slogan ”Badass clothes – goodass materials”. Let’s take a closer look of what this means in practise. Check out the first post about them if you have not done that already. Trials and materials In design Pedro and Jenna are looking for something that they […]


Weecos Goes Black

We have something special planned for you for the next few weeks: Weecos goes all black! ”What the heck, in the middle of the brightest spring” you might wonder. Trust me, there are many inspiring reasons. During these weeks we introduce to you the black selection in Weecos. Black is the all time favorite and […]

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Paula Malleus challenges the whole textile industry system

There she was. Standing at the huge sorting centre of Fida, a charity organization in Finland. The space was filled with used clothes and other recycled textiles. “There’s something seriously wrong with this system”, thought Paula Malleus, the founder of Remake EkoDesign and MEM. And became the pioneer of post consumer waste fashion, her collection would […]

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