Happy Birthday Weecos!

It is said that a three-year-old has a vivid imagination, is full of joy, moves fast, babbles a lot and makes questions out of curiosity. Well, in my opinion this describes perfectly the three-year-old Weecos as well – Happy Birthday! Like a child, Weecos has taken giant steps of development between the ages of two […]

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Weecos is three years old!

Weecos has a birthday next week! The week will be full of aaawesome things. We’ll offer you items on sale, new shops and new products. We’ll also publish our very first marketing video ever! So stay tuned by following us on Facebook and Instagram. We happily welcome you to celebrate the anniversary with us!

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Mikä ihmeen ennakkomyynti?

Ennakkomyynti on herättänyt jonkin verran kyselyjä, ja koska aiomme käyttää tätä toimintamallia tuotannossa jatkossakin, päätimme avata ennakkomyynnin toimintaperiaatteita!   MITEN ENNAKKOMYYNTI TOIMII? Ennakkomyynnillä pyritään varmistamaan se, että kaikki halukkaat saavat tuotteen. Tässä on myös suurin ero perinteiseen tuotantoon nähden: perinteisen tuotannon haasteena voi olla, että kysyntää on enemmän kuin tuotteita on valmistettu. Ennakkomyyntituotteita valmistetaan siis tilausten […]

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What is pre-sale?

The concept of pre-sale has risen a lot of questions and therefore, we decided to open the idea of pre-sale to you in detail! In addition, the concept is significant to understand because we are going to use this way of doing in future too. SO FIRSTLY, HOW DOES PRE-SALE WORK? The basic idea of […]

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Summer greetings from Weecos

New layoyt, new blog, new shops, co-operations with inspirational people, first marketing video, FIN POP-UP in Sokos, plenty of new customers and motivated team! This sums up the amazing spring we have had and gives us strength to continue the development of the Weecos towards sustainable lifestyle ecosystem. Since the beginning of the year have had […]

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