New sustainable brands have joined Weecos!

Meet glassblowing studio Bloun, leather accessory studio Naskali Leather, one-man clothing company Wulf & Supply and the upcycling specialist Pumpa Upcycle! Between you and your favourite designers, there are no storages or extra hands between as the purchase made in Weecos is a purchase straight from the brand itself. At the moment there are over 230 sustainable brands and over 5800 products Weecos […]

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Trashed or sold again – what happens to returned items?

Products neither come out of space nor disappear there when returned back. It is crucial to keep up the discussion on item’s whole lifecycle so that unnecessary destruction of items and disposable shopping culture ends and the system changes! In June, the German business weekly WirtschaftsWoche and news show Frontal 21 revealed in their report that the […]

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