24 Nov

Sauna, My Favorite Christmas Tradition

The Christmas sauna has always been one the most important Christmas traditions for me. It has been part of my Christmas Eve since childhood and still is. Actually, sauna has been part of Finnish Christmas traditions and way of life for ages.

We go to Christmas sauna at noon, when it is dark outside. Everyone from children to grandparents participate. The sauna has been decorated beforehand to set up a peaceful and relaxing but festive mood. Scents, candlelight in the darkness, harmony and the tickling feeling in the stomach sets the whole family to the celebration mood. It is perfect time together.

I asked my 7-year old daughter what she thinks about the sauna in the Christmas Eve. This is what she answered:

”Christmas is great and the sauna is great. Christmas sauna is dark and we have candles. We can tell ghost stories since it is so dark. And we also tell each other Christmas elves stories. I spy through the small window in the sauna to see Christmas elves.”

I would like to light up the darkness in the sauna with these Lace candles  from Kaurilan Sauna. In the benches we could sit on Inari Sauna textile made from linen and cotton by Vanamo Deco. If there is space we can lay down, close our eyes and rest our heads on top of the Mänty Sauna pillow from RunoDesign. The perfect Christmas scent comes from the Doft’s X-mas Dream soap.  After the sauna it is perfect to fold yourself to large hemp towel made by Hempea.

1. Lace Candels from Kaurilan Sauna.

2. Inari Sauna textile from Vanamo Deco

3. X-mas Dream soap from Doft

4. Mänty Sauna pillow from RunoDesign

5. Ailigas large hemp towel  from Hempea 


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