15 Dec


For me,  the most delightful thing about Christmas is to spend time with my dear family. We all live in a close distance, in the same city even, but still see each other rarely. I find myself extremely lucky to have my whole family around me and that’s not something that I take for granted.

I still remember that tickling Christmas feeling from my childhood, which was in those days obviously related to the Xmas gifts. Nowadays, I get that same feeling from picturing myself and my whole family around the kitchen table at our childhood home.

During Holiday time we have time to catch up and no one has to hurry up anywhere. We talk about the past year and things that are ahead of us in the future. The longest conversations often take place when we have gathered around our dining table after the Christmas meal.

This year, my mother has bought us a new dining table so this Christmas is going to be even more special! In my opinion, this new table deserves some nice accessories for the setting. So, my wishlist for this Christmas looks like this:

1. Pupula Glass by Kolme Design

2. Laine Cutting board by Muotoiluhuone Tuokio

3. Cool !t Coasters by Think Today

4. Decorative Fork by Beloved Brunou

5. Kota Kitchen towel by Kaverini

Dear Santa, would you bring me these gorgeous items, some memorable time with my family and a peaceful mind for this Christmas? That’s all I wish this year.

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