18 Nov

Dear Santa…

This Christmas I wish nothing more, than spending time with my family after another busy autumn. Well, of course, it would be lovely to get some small gifts from Weecos for me and my loved ones.

On the Christmas Day, it would be lovely to light up candles and wrap me with my husband to a cosy Aitta throw after bathing in the sauna. I am sure, kids would love to wear owl printed bathrobes from Aarrekid for the whole evening. I dream, that we can gather our family around the living room table and play the Copenhagen –memory card game and have a look back to our great journey around the world. I would also make some relaxing tea for us. Soon our home would be full of delicious cinnamon and cardamom aroma, which is just like from a freshly baked cinnamon rolls.

So, dear Santa, my wishlist for this Christmas would look like this:

1. Beeswax candles by Month of Sundays

2. Owls bathrobe by Aarrekid

3. Sunset at Noon tea by Nord-T

4. Aitta throw by Finarte

5. Iconic Copenhagen -memory card game by Vanto Works

So would you, Dear Santa, bring to me these delicious items, some time to spend with my family and a peaceful mind for this Christmas? This is all I wish this year.

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