4 Oct

Greetings From New York!

Almost a month since our journey to New York has passed, and it’s time to catch up! As a short recap for all: we attended the lovely Street Fair and The House of Finland exhibition with 13 Finnish brands. The exhibition was organised by The Finnish American Chamber of Commerce and Finnish Tech, Design and Art (FTDA), a non-profit organisation that promotes Finnish creativity in all of its forms in the US.

We must say that the week in New York was rewarding. We gained visibility both in Finnish and the US press, got information on the local markets and consumer-trends in New York and learned a lot about organising similar events abroad. At the moment, Newyorkers seemed to be very conscious considering food and cosmetics, but the sustainable clothing and accessories were clearly around the corner. People were also excited about Scandinavian products. And above all, I must say that we have so many wonderful, awesome people in Weecos – thank you so much for all of you who attended this adventure with us!!

Here are some pics from the week-long journey – enjoy!

Our team and Julia from Papu Design – ready to take off!
Street Fair’s theme this year was also to celebrate the Finland’s 100-year-old independence.
A lot of people were interested in the Finnish brands Weecos had. People also wanted to talk about Finland’ politics and what sustainability means for us.

Our Airbnb apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
Some tourist time at the Time Square.
Central Park felt incredible after the busy, hot Time Square.
Weecos’s moment at Time Square’s billboard.
At The House of Finland.



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