15 Feb

Have you met these unique, sustainable brands already?

VAI-KØ, Namu Jewellery, Jaana Huhtanen Design and Paccas – these brilliant brands you have to meet! Weecos unites you trustworthily with sustainable brands. A decision made in Weecos is a purchase made straight from the brand itself. There are no extra hands between you and your favourite designers.



“Vaiko” is the Finnish word asking for an alternative and that’s what the brand is all about – to offer alternatives for the conventional textile industry. VAI-KØ was founded in 2014 for the love of nature.To be able to enjoy nature in the upcoming years, the founders Maria and Henri are committed to create ecological alternatives from urban to the wilderness and do good through business in social and environmental sectors.

The beanies and accessories are manufactured in Kokkola, Finland with long experience and craftsmanship and the merino wool comes from licenced farms from Patagonia, Argentina. VAI-KØ’s  priority is to make sure that their product manufacturing doesn’t affect the environment or people any more than it has to. In addition to doing business as fair as possible, they give 2% of all sales to organisations that help lift people from poverty and conserve the environment.



The story of Namu jewellery starts within the ancient bedrock of Finland echoing history, beauty and purity, bringing the best Scandinavian nature has to offer.

Founder Mari Ruokomäki makes the jewellery in small editions and each jewel has a serial number. She handles the stones and handcrafts the jewellery in her own workshop in Mynämäki, Finland using only recycled silver. The gemstones come from small Finnish suppliers that Mari knows personally and some of the stones she collects herself. Of all profit, 10% is given to charity.



Jaana Huhtanen Design was established in 1999 by knitwear designer Jaana Huhtanen in Hämeenlinna, Finland.
Jaana gets her inspiration from nature and values high-quality in her products.



Founded in 2o12, the Paccas gloves and mittens are made of lamb and reindeer leather. Both types of leather are soft, flexible, durable and naturally breathable materials. The reindeer leather comes as a by-product of the meat industry.

The leather is processed and dyed with safe chemicals following the REACH regulation.


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