19 Apr

Meet Maanantaimalli, Laa Laa Living, RUOKO design and HEMPEA!

We proudly present you the joyful jewellery brand Maanantaimalli, the bedclothes brand HEMPEA and the interior design brands Laa Laa Living and RUOKO design ! At the moment, there are over 220 brands in our sustainable marketplace, the place uniting sustainable designer brands and you!


Matleena Töhönen, the founder of Maanantaimalli, wants that Mondays are celebrated like Saturdays are. Therefrom the name Maanantaimalli (Monday model) origins. The jewellery pieces are cut and painted in Hauho, Finland, and then hand-assembled by Matleena. As the metal parts are made of surgical stainless steel, the earrings are suitable for allergic people as well.



Behind Laa Laa Living are Annika and Vesa who want to combine beautiful, yet playful elements into practical interior design products. The Laa Laa Living products are durable and suitable for all your home’s rooms. Postcards, notes, keys, scissors, whatever you like can be hanged to these playful-looking items. In addition to superhero, these interior design products are shaped like bunnies, clouds and pineapples. All products are manufactured in Estonia and cardboard packages are from Akaa.



RUOKO design is founded by artisans who get inspiration from natural materials, recycling ideas and love to combine different materials and create some new, plane aesthetics. RUOKO design products are designed and mostly produced by hand in Jyväskylä, Central Finland. The collections consist of wooden home and kitchen articles, small furniture and hand printed textiles – in all cases attention is put on good usability, sustainable materials and significant design.



HEMPEA home textiles and bed linen bring natural soft, blissful moments into your life. The word hempeä means gentle, sweet and soft in Finnish. Founded by Marja-Maija Valtonen, HEMPEA products are always 100 % hemp and they are made sustainably and eco-friendly in Finland from European hemp fabric. Hemp is a naturally safe and eco-friendly material since no pesticides, no fertilizers and no irrigation is needed for its growth. Growing hemp improves soil quality and is an ideal crop rotation plant. The harvesting and processing of hemp are chemical-free. For dyeing the fabrics only fibre-reactive, non-harmless dyes are used.

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