7 Apr

Men With Attitude!

Weecos for men is finally here, and may we just say – WAAAAAU! What a wide and wonderful range of men’s bags, sunglasses, hats and clothes we have. There not only real attitude but also great stories behind each and every designer. We want you to get to know their statements and values as well and in this post, we introduce you to Paranoia Borealis, Vaella and Moimoi Accessories. Enjoy!

PARANOIA BOREALIS “Be bad, do good”

“The word ideology might be a bit too classy word to describe the chaotic processes behind our designs. The feeling of drifting freely in the void of endless possibilities is what keeps us alive and breathing. That said, our cup of coffee is a pretty dark roast, mixed with tar, moonshine and a teaspoonful of bad humour. The flavour is not for everyone, but surprisingly some people find it appealing. Our name “Paranoia Borealis” pretty much sums it all up.”

“All of our products are designed for Chuck Norris. Seriously. If it feels good enough for him, it’s good enough for anyone. Chuck is everything all men secretly want to be. 85% of us admit this and the rest are lying. He is the God-given archetype of manhood. Hopefully, our products can make everyone feel more like him.”

“We are really happy to see that sustainable clothes are becoming a major trend and new small brands are emerging like mushrooms after the rain. Revolution is here! In the future, there’s no longer need to emphasise sustainability of clothing since it becomes the new norm.”


MOIMOI – buy less and better quality, products that last long”

“We design timeless bags for urban life with urban needs. Laptops, other electronic accessories and important papers move with this man. Our bags can be used over the years, left for a while and then taken back.”

“Our products age beautiful, making each one of them unique, your own. Every item must be practical and timeless without sacrificing the good looks.They are sustainable, handcrafted leather bags.”


VAELLA – “Clothes with athletic fit”

“Our designs solve the challenges that active and athletic people face when it comes to wardrobe. The idea, however, was not to make sportswear, but to design timeless, everyday clothes for active people.”

“Our aim is to solve a variety of challenges that athletic people face, and as a result, VAELLA, a Finnish brand combining clear-cuts and minimalist design, was born. We developed new formulas and a new sizing table so that the clothes are narrow and long enough. All VAELLA clothes are made in Finland.”


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