8 Dec

My Wishlist For the Holidays!

I guess we all have some Christmas traditions that we treasure. Mine associates with family and board games. Since I was a small child my mom used to buy us a new board game every Christmas as a present. After dinner and unwrapping the gifts, we piled a huge plate full of various cheeses and other goodies and played the new and old board games for hours. It was a blast!

This valuable tradition has gone on for over two decades, and it’s definitely something I want to pass on to my own children too. So this year, I would love to play some of my childhoods’ favourite games, like “the Star of Africa”, with my own kids and after they have gone to sleep, we take out the Kalliokierros-boardgame by Kati-Marika, and the tournament night can begin!

In addition to this board game, I wish for the Oot niin ihana -poster to hang on the kitchen wall. It’s, what I call a ‘good mood poster’, a lovely reminder for everyone visiting us that they are unique. Which reminds me that a clock in our kitchen would be very handy too! This Muoto2 wall clock would be perfect.

As I am a person loving post-it notes, ‘to do things’ messages and organising stuff in a way or another, the Saana ja Olli Weekly Planner is a must for me! Love to write the birthday parties, weddings and other upcoming events for next year. And since I am also a huge fan of earrings, the showy the better, these Pinjapuu earrings and I would be a perfect match.

Have a lovely Christmas, enjoy the company of your beloved ones!

1. Wall clock, brick by Muoto2

2.  Weekly Planner by Saana ja Olli

3. Kuningaskalastaja earrings by Pinjapuu

4. Oot niin ihana -poster by Oot niin Ihana

5. Kalliokierros-boardgame by Kati-Marika

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