16 Aug

New Brand Alert – Pikkuset, Oxox, Arksie and Olikai have joined Weecos!

Several novelties for kids have arrived! Meet Pikkuset, Oxox Kids, Arksie and Olikai Design who have lately joined Weecos!

Weecos is a sustainable marketplace uniting visionary designers with you. A purchase made in Weecos is a purchase straight from the brand itself. Now over 230 brands from Finland and abroad can be shopped trustworthily in one place.



Pikkuset makes timeless unisex clothes for kids and is well-known for their irresistible liquorice and candy prints. Delicious prints are also available for adults.

Pikkuset was founded in the 80’s in Ylivieska, Finland. Nowadays, all Pikkuset clothes are made in their own factory Cottonhouse Lda, which is located in northern Portugal.



OXOX Kids, founded in 2007, is a fashion brand that kids and parents agree on. Together with children OXOX team designs functional, high-quality clothes in which all-aged children can move freely, play wild and look smart and funky from Monday till Sunday. OXOX Kids clothes and accessories are made in Lithuania.



Behind Arksie, there are the parents of a little boy whom they eagerly wanted to dress in a teeny tiny raccoon or fox onesie. However, they couldn’t find cool brands that had high-quality animal onesies in their collections. Right then the idea of Arksie was born. Arksie’s practical designs are made of organic cotton in Tallinn, Estonia.



Olikai Design was founded by Peter and Emmi, an Australian-Finnish couple who get inspiration from their backgrounds and heritage. At the heart of their business, are their two children, Oliver and Kai, according to whom the company is also named after.

Olikai designs playful and practical children’s clothing, which are made from high-quality organic cotton. The prints and patterns are designed by Peter and Emmi, and the manufacturing takes place in Europe. The clothes are designed to be long-lasting as they can be worn over 2 sizes.


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