23 Feb

Papu’s new collection takes us to summer night dreams!

Can you remember the gentle atmosphere of a bright summer night? A small shrew is squeaking in the grass and burrs stick to your shirt – listen to them giggle. Papu’s Spring/Summer collection takes us to summer night dream world where anything is possible.

This poem captures the spirit of the collection.


Wandering through a summery field, you can meet a baby shrew.
A light and hazy summer night, in the middle of a hay field.
A prickly burr sticks to your jacket, and a small worm says hello from its
home underground.
Sleep is not far away.
What amazing dreams can be dreamt during a summer night?

The collections of Papu are created in collaboration between the founder of Papu, designer Anna Kurkela, designer Minni Vierola and artist Hanna-Riikka Heikkilä. Along with designing, their meetings have included also putting the world to right, raising children and loads of coffee and chocolate.

Papu has come a long way from the day when we packed the orders in Anna’s livingroom! At the moment, there are 12 people working for Papu Design Oy, plus some extra workforce occasionally. Papu is a great example of a company that has grown because of very committed staff. When the company grows, the people grow too.

Today we proudly present our Spring / Summer 2017 collection, which includes summery pastel colours, but also powerful, vivid yellows and shades of blue. Drop1 introduces the dark Earth and Hay-Hi prints, and Drop2, which is released in March, brings lightness with the Mesh and Sunspot prints. The collection also includes the familiar classic diagonal stripe print along with the knee patch leggings which are added to the collection with new colours.


The products of this collection are manufactured in three places. Half of SS17 collection is produced by Cottonhouse Ltd., a Portugal-based factory owned by Finnish textile company Black Moda.

The second half of this collection is manufactured in Finland, at Nokian Neulomo, which is located across the street from Papu HQ. To meet the high demand, some of the products have been sewn in Estonia, with a carefully selected partner. Papu is very proud of being part of the Nokian Neulomo story.



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