26 Jun

Room for different voices – Weecos proudly supports Helsinki Pride!

Our partnership with Helsinki Pride started last year and this year our voice is even bigger as 50 companies from Weecos have joined us. We have to be loud and proud and make sure that all types of voices are supported and heard!

Voice is this year’s main theme of Helsinki Pride. We have to make room for all the different voices, especially those that remain often unheard. For Weecos, the theme resonates deeply. Weecos was established to give voice and platform for the independent designers that want to change the world by making long lasting sustainable products. We want to support all the different ranges of voices.

However, equal society is not self-evident and we must constantly and visibly work for it. Well-funded conservative values are rising in Europe. Recently, we have heard highly alarming news about the active Agenda Europe movement, which is against birth control, abortion, minority rights and even against divorce. The dominant and well-funded conservative values also thrive for laws. For example, in Poland, the equal sexual rights are pushed down all the time as minorities are threatened and abortion laws are tightened. This is not acceptable!

We have improvements to do in Finland as well! At the moment, Finland is far behind compared to other Nordic countries and the human rights are highly violated as the Finnish trans law still requires a long, exhausting medical evaluation and forced sterilization. We need non-governmental organisations, like Helsinki Pride, to reform such laws into ones that support individual’s immunity and the right to family life.

In Weecos we believe that together we are bigger and the world can also be changed with design. Now, the great designs work as a concrete support to all those different voices that remains silent or quiet because of the fear to speak out. It has been overwhelming to see how warmly and joyfully people have welcomed the Weecos x Helsinki Pride campaign! Already over 200 Pride products have been sold and people have shared their support via social media. This is concrete support for equal voices. Huge thanks to all who have taken part either by creating Pride products, buying them, or making statements otherwise!

From every sold Weecos X Helsinki Pride campaign product at least 10 % will be donated to Helsinki Pride. See all the products here.

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