1 Mar

TAUKO’s New Collection Was Inspired by Memories

The new collection by TAUKO is inspired by memories, which are like the patches of our lives! Every piece is crafted from high quality recycled textiles.

TAUKO SS17 collection “Paikka” (in English “Patch”) is our tribute to the art of mending and to the differences among places and times. It is inspired by memories, which are like the patches of our lives. Like cities and cultures built on top of each other, or like the annual rings of a tree, they form the layers of experiences and places visited in us.

Clothes accompany us and let us find out who we are. When they break, we can mend them, adding new memories to our story. With every patch, clothes become more personal and turn into reflections of us.

With this collection, we collaborated with Germany-based textile service companies. Paikka collection items are crafted in Łódź, Poland, and Loksa, Estonia, from 100 % recycled German materials.

All designs are vegan, which means that they are made 100 % without animal products.

Carefully designed details and unique cuts make the collections timeless, each item carrying the standards of high quality and ecological production. We strongly believe that one’s actions can make a difference, globally.

To continue the life of the loved ones, we recreated the art of patching. Take your TAUKO piece to a beautiful journey with you, take good care of it and patch it when the time comes.

Which one is your favourite?

 With love Mila Moisio and Kaisa Rissanen

 All photos by Yehia Eweis.

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