8 Feb

SnapPap – the New Vegan Leather

SnapPap is a combination of cellulose and latex, in other words, paper and natural rubber, developed in Germany. The material resembles very thick cardboard and is basically an alternative for leather as it looks and works like leather does. This unique paper is, however, 100% vegan and what makes this vegan leather paper so remarkable is that it can be ironed, washed even in 60°C in the washing machine and sewn at home circumstances!
SnapPap, the vegan leather paper, is made of 60% cellulose and 40% of natural rubber.

The thickness of SnapPap is 0.55 mm and at the moment, it is available in white, light grey, light brown, dark brown and black. The vegan leather paper does not contain any harmful substances such as pentachlorophenol, PVC or BPA, which is harmful to the environment and health. During washing or drying, any fibres are not shed.
Annie Eleanoora is the first brand in Weecos using SnapPap. She found the material two years back but hesitated the promised features of the vegan leather paper. However, at the end of 2017, she bought a batch of SnapPap for testing and got assured of both: the material’s durability and washability.
“I am fascinated by leather paper’s vegan, renewable raw material aspect and the fact that the material is quite carefree as products can be washed safely and then ironed again. I used to work with recycled leather but I wasn’t able to handle it at home. Compared to leather, in which toxic chemicals may have been used, SnapPap is also non-toxic.”

More on SnapPap can be read here and excellent ideas on SnapPap clutches and other accessories are available on Pinterest here!

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