2 Oct

The Top 5 Accessories for Fall In Weecos

Autumn has arrived, and you might find yourself chilled to the bone. In my opinion, there’s nothing better than surround myself with a huuuuge scarf and warm mittens, which feel like a friends’ hug on a cold morning! What is your way to cope with the cold weather?

Here are five stylish, quality goods in which you can enjoy the fabulous Autumn colours without freezing!


Letkiä Scarf – 49 €

This three-meter-long scard is handy way to bring some colour to your outfit! Letkiä’s cotton scarf is handmade out of leftover materials in Finland.



Sunrise – reflective mittens – 30 €

How cute and handy are these! Moiko’s reflective mittens work like the traditional reflectors while walking. Available also for kids.




Virta bag – 269 €

Is this Virta leather bag elegant or the most elegant piece ever? Pihka’s bag is a practical, simply beautiful and spacious with two inner pockets. The handmade leather bag is made in Finland and a definite must-have due to its timelessness!




KIKS Weightless Jacket – 240 €

This super light, super easy-going unisex jacket by KIKS is made of slightly shiny lightweight weatherproof fabric sourced from textile industry’s leftovers. This jacket is perfect for everyday use and for every weather!




Park tights – 32,50 €

Looking for thick tights to the chilly weather? Mary A. Jalava’s black tights’ thickness is 60 denier and they’re made from recycled materials. The tights are made in Italy in a family-run factory and handprinted and finished in our studio workshop in Helsinki, Finland.

And don’t worry, if you’re not a friend of the black colour, there are several other tight colours available!


What’s your must-have for the Fall?

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