12 Apr

Weecos For Men!

Weecos for men is finally here, and may we just say – WAAAAAU! What a wide and wonderful range of men’s bags, sunglasses, hats and clothes we have. There not only real attitude but also great stories behind each and every designer. We want you to get to know their statements and values as well and in this post, we introduce you to Tina’s Design House, KIKS and Kenkäpaja Pihka. Enjoy!


KENKÄPAJA PIHKA – “stylish, functional and durable”

“Our passion is to produce stylish, functional and durable leather footwear, bags and accessories. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and high-quality of our products, as well as fulfilling our customers’ wishes.”

“All our products are crafted in Finland in our workshop. Our design and manufacturing principles include using materials acquired as much as possible from local vendors, paying close attention to both ecological aspects as well as ethical production issues, as well as creating unique items our customers will not find elsewhere.”

“Our service is unique. Not only can customers order items from our catalogue but also make an order for either a custom-made item or even craft their own unique shoes or bags by attending to our popular shoe and bag making courses.”


KIKS – “respecting the human, nature and good kiks!”

KIKS has had the same ideology and motto since 2003. All our products are hand-made of upcycled and leftover materials, concentrating on durable materials and future classics, avoiding excess stock and fast fashion.”

“Our designs are mainly for humans, and we don’t like to label them for specific gender or sex. That said, us people come in so many shapes that not every model is for everyone. We like to keep close contact with our customers and also offer custom-made options for those with specific needs or preferences.”

“During our brand’s lifespan, so many eco-designers dreams have become real: sustainability and transparency are no longer curiosities but requirements, the fast fashion trend is seriously cracking, and the customers are becoming the creators.”


TINA’S DESIGN HOUSE“use all materials so well that the waste is minimal”

“The ideology, in my designs, is to create the highest quality products that are timeless, and as far as possible, environmentally friendly.”

“I design for men who appreciate quality and unique products and my statement is: use all materials so well that the waste is minimal.”

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