7 Sep

Weecos takes sustainable, ecological fashion to New York

Weecos heads to New York to the Finnish design event The House of Finland. The event is held between 11.-14.9.2017 and is part of a larger event – the Finland100NYC. There Weecos represents the emerging, responsible and interesting brands in our own department.

The brands joining this event are Aapiste, Finarte, Jatuli, Kuula + Jylhä, MEM by Paula Malleus, Mine Gungör, Mori Collective, MUKA VA, Nord-T, Nouki, Papu, Shy Vibes Club and Uhana Design.

What do Shy Vibes Club, Mori Collective and NOUKI think about New York – read further!


“In New York, life is hectic, and there are talkative people everywhere. The Shy Vibes Club brings comfort to those who are looking for peace and often find themselves in awkward situations.

Going to New York is something we are not only looking forward to but also tends us. We hope to find new members to join our Club and gain both visibility and inspiration.”


Mori Collective

“This is the first time Mori Collective goes abroad, so we are feeling excited, of course, a bit like going to exploration! Newyorkers might be fond of both our fascinating, original prints and our minimalist, timeless style with a Mori-kinda twist.

We wish to get to know new, interesting people and hopefully, we also find some new opportunities for cooperation.

“It is a great honour to us to represent Weecos and Finland in New York! We are sure that Newyorkers fall in love with the high-quality materials, simple lines with dashing, edgy prints combined with ecological and ethical values that NOUKI typifies.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the new markets abroad and feel inspired by the new surroundings!”

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