8 Jun

What is pre-sale?

The concept of pre-sale has risen a lot of questions and therefore, we decided to open the idea of pre-sale to you in detail! In addition, the concept is significant to understand because we are going to use this way of doing in future too.


The basic idea of pre-sale is to ensure that everyone who wants to get a certain product will get it. This is also the biggest difference compared to traditional production of, for example, clothes: often demand of a certain product is bigger than the amount of products that have been produced. In pre-sale production this doesn’t happen.

The products ordered from pre-sale are then manufactured. In other words, the products are produced according to the amount of ordered products. In addition, few extra clothes are made in case someone wants to change their product to a different size.

The actual production happens after the pre-sale campaign is over. For this reason, it takes a little longer to deliver the product.

Pre-sale supports the ideology of slow fashion since the shopping decision is done with consideration. It also helps the producer to create products and collection that are wanted by customers.



When buying products from pre-sale, you commit to purchase the product and pay it in advance. The actual manufacturing of the product is financed with the purchases you all make.

The production starts after the sale ends, which means that pre-sale products can’t be delivered earlier than promised. It must be taken into account that “the delivery time is 14 days” means that the delivery time is 14 working days. Neither weekends nor public holidays are not counted in these 14 days.

There might also be some surprises during the manufacturing production. Nevertheless, these surprises are usually taken into consideration when estimating the delivery time.



In our opinion, the biggest and best benefit in pre-sale is that much less waste is produced during the manufacturing process since the amount of products is known beforehand. The producer is able to manufacture the products straight to use. There’s no need for storages, no wasted products and no fear of producing products that will end up as garbage.

You, the customer, will get the product exactly the way you ordered it: the right colour, size and model. In addition, when ordering from Neulomo, not only you support the Finnish textile industry, but also maintain jobs and taxes in Finland.

The downside is that we face unexpected surprises, no matter how well we are prepared!



The Made in Nokia -pre-sale is carried out in collaboration with the company Nokian Neulomo. Products in pre-sale are produced in Nokia, Finland.

The whole pre-sale has been a completely new situation for the factory in Nokia. It has also been a huge learning process for everyone involved into this!


We appreciate your patience and are delighted to see that so many of you want to support the Finnish textile industry! Thank you for your trust and feel free to ask more about pre-sale, we are more than happy to answer anything that concerns you!

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