20 Apr

Why Fashion Revolution is important to Weecos?

Fashion Revolution is all about knowing who is behind your clothes and in fact, that’s what Weecos is all about too. We value high the fact that the origins of products are clear. In fact, to be able to open a shop at Weecos, you must know your production from the beginning to the end.


Weecos was founded almost three years go when Anna Kurkela tried to find a sustainable marketplace for her clothing line Papu Design. However, there was none. So she decided to start one, since she thought others would want sustainably made products too, but don’t know where to get them.

But let’s step a few steps back before talking more about transparency and Weecos.

It goes without saying, that consumers face nowadays a huge dilemma when they try to figure out whether to buy ethically and environmentally friendly products or not. Information is hard to get, supply chains look complicated to open. And is the price still the most important to us?


On one hand, consumers do not care. Andrea, the founder of Chureca Chic, says that when she entered the fashion business, she “realized quickly and brutally that most consumers on the high street do not care where their clothing is coming from.”

On the other hand, there are researches that highlight that consumers are willing to pay more for ethical and sustainable textiles and clothing.


I feel that it is the numbers that wake us up. For example, according to a British research women use majority of their clothes approximately seven times and a third of women consider clothes old after wearing them only three times. Old after wearing them only three times. Seriously, isn’t it shocking??

Consumers demand all the time, more and more, transparency to the clothing industry. Who sew this? And under what conditions?

But how does all this relate Weecos and why the idea of Fashion Revolution is important to us?

Because Weecos aims to give you that information and transparency.

fashrev10The core idea of Weecos is to open up the supply chains and the manufacturing process so that you have the opportunity to make sustainable choices quickly, easily and trustworthily. This is possible due to the sustainability criteria we have for the entrepreneurs who want to Weecos. The criteria ensure transparency and it encourages also the entrepreneurs to look carefully at their production. We are developing this constantly according to your feedback and implement new features to the service to display the information better.

This applies not only to clothes but also to accessories and interior design at Weecos. The entrepreneurs at Weecos can say #imademyclothes.

Social impact, making a change is also extremely valuable to Weecos. It is important to stand up for those who cannot do it themselves. It is important to give consumers information about their products, in that way we hopefully can actually make a difference. It can have an enormous social impact.

But as stated before, social impacts are hard to measure. Do we create good jobs for women through our actions and does a consumer leave something else in the store after buying a product from Weecos?

Vaatevallankumous Suomi photographer: Suvi-Tuuli Kankaanpää, Makeup & Hair: Iida-Maria Riihiluoma
Vaatevallankumous Suomi photographer: Suvi-Tuuli Kankaanpää, Makeup & Hair: Iida-Maria Riihiluoma

Do you know who made your clothes? Weecos encourages you to find out, take part in Fashion Revolution. Take a picture of yourself between the 18th and 25th of April, show your clothing label and ask the manufacturer #whomademyclothes. That’s what we are going to do!

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