15 May


WWOOLLFF CO. street clothing company has summarized their designer vision into slogan ”Badass clothes – goodass materials”. Let’s take a closer look of what this means in practise. Check out the first post about them if you have not done that already.

Trials and materials

In design Pedro and Jenna are looking for something that they both could wear. Unisex – checked! Definitely not basic t-shirts. Something for the rockers, surfers, skaters and street artists. They started first trying out different shapes, cutting the form out of the fabric, sewing it, turning the shirt upside down and there it was, the first prototype. Then they realized for example that you have to use overlock sewing machine for jersey and otherwise the process needs to be developed. But by doing and learning the collection took its form. T-shirts, sleeveless tanks and hoodies that look badass and are comfortable to wear. Each garment is also ready to be cut into new form. So do not fear to use scissors if you get tired with the old form!



WWOOLLFF CO. has been looking for ecological materials from the start. Their first collection is made from Pure Waste textiles but they are constantly looking for new ecological materials, that are not produced directly to their needs. The quality of the fabric is essential. If the product lasts for decades in good shape then its lifecycle starts to be in place.


Key role in WWOOLLFF CO. products are the prints that are mostly hand drawn by Pedro. Some are 100% free hand, others utilize stencils and illuminated desks. Foams and rollers are used occasionally when wider areas of the fabric needs to be colored. As in this All Black Spaceship sleeveless top.



Check out the video to see how the Black Galaxy is drawn.

The music in the video is produced by Jenna. Pedro has done all the sounds with 70’s drums and vintage guitars. It is recorded in the same studio where the clothes are made. So turn on the audio when watching the video!

Usually the color is fixed to the fabric via heating. WWOOLLFF CO. has also tried out how the colors evolve if the heating is left out. The testing has resulted to nicely fainted colors that suites some of their shirt models very well.

Themes for the prints comes from nature and intuition. For example the Bear God was first drawn in to the wall of a shipping container. Then a friend asked to get it for a tattoo, and another friend asked it for a shirt, and eventually it became a print.

WWOOLLFF’s design has attracted the attention of many rockers and you might run into their clothes for example when watching gigs from Santa Cruz. Rock on!

Johnny Cruzified _ Santa Cruz

Johnny Cruz from Santa Cruz with his Black Galaxy shirt.

All images from WWOOLLFF CO.

Check out the WWOOLLFF Weecos shop! 

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