2 May

BUSINESS MAMA – Travelling around the world with kids

When we decided to make our dream come true, and we started the journey around the world, we had no doubts about doing it with kids. Of course, we were full of excitement and a little bit worried. What if something bad happens, I thought to myself.

But when the arriving day came, our whole family was ready to start this unforgettable journey. We had done all the preparations we could, so why to worry? The preparations mostly included taking vaccinations and insurances, buying some necessary medicines and preparing for our son’s school year. If something unexpected were about to happen, it could happen anywhere.

Now we have been travelling for ten months, everything has gone well, and anyone hasn’t been very sick. Actually, we have all been so much healthier than in Finland ever. We haven´t had the flu nor even traveller´s tummy! It seems almost impossible! And I can say that we have not been extra careful, just lived our normal life.


PARIS – When there is a space to run, why to slow down?


ANTWERPEN – We were happy to get invited to our PAPU retailers home. In childrenswear clothing business it is not unusual to have kids involved in business meetings 🙂


I have noticed that people are very curious, but also have some prejudice towards travelling a year with kids. We have heard comments like:

“Cool that you go now before your children are at school.”

Actually, our son is already in school. Of course, leaving takes a little bit more work and preparations, but the school is not an obstacle.

“You have so much courage when you travel with kids, we couldn´t do that.”

Well, this has been our dream, and we have been ready to make an effort to chase it ;). We did this, and therefore, I am sure that everyone can do this if they really want! All you need is a plan.


BERWANG – After a hard work, it is time to relax!


BALI – Swimming in the sea is the best sports!


People have also been interested in, how my son’s studies have gone and whether it is possible to accomplish a school year while travelling? Our son is now in the fourth grade, and before our trip, we had a discussion with his teacher about the best way to study fourth grade during our journey. She told us about Kulkuri-school where it is possible to do all compulsory studies within the Finnish National Curriculum. So our son’s studies about two hours daily online in Kulkuri-school, and soon the whole school year is done. Of course, he needs our help now and then, and we need to find time (and nerves) to teach him in the middle of our own work day, but there is also many studies he can do by himself.

Certainly, there is also much more to learn in a year-long journey like this than just basic school subjects. Thanks to this, our kids are now good at swimming, they both understand English pretty well, not to mention how much they have learned about different countries and cultures. And I bet they are now more adaptable to new situations and better to tolerate uncertainty. It is sometimes difficult to be even conscious of how much new things we have seen and learned. This journey has taught us all so much!


TOKYO – New culture, new yummy dishes to taste.


SHANGHAI – Brave travellers are heading towards the new adventures!


In a way, travelling with kids has been actually easier than I thought it would be beforehand. Despite their age difference and different genders, they have played very well together. And I believe, the trip has made their relationship even deeper. Of course, travelling is a little bit different with kids. You can not rush so much, you need to know where to sleep the next night, and you have to remember to eat more regularly, but maybe this more organised and slower lifestyle does also good for us grown ups sometimes 😉


SAN FRANCISCO – Having fun in the Mission Park


SAN FRANCISCO – Exploring the beach near to our SF home


Now there is only a month travelling left, and after two weeks we are going to have a short holiday. Before we come home, we are heading to Los Angeles and Disneyland! Maybe I don´t need to say, that our kids are waiting for that pretty much! And so am I!

This journey has been maybe the biggest experience of our lives, and I am so happy that we had the possibility to share this with our kids!

This is hopefully something they will remember for the rest of their lives.


BERWANG – The future is ahead!


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