29 May

Business mama travels: Planning the journey around the world

Hi, nice to see You here! This writing is my first one in our renewed blog and it starts a series of posts about something exciting considering my family – well, I will tell you soon…

I am sure this year is going to be unforgettable for my family in many ways. Not least because of our three fast growing start-up companies, but the main reason is this huge journey we are planning. This business trip is not our first, and obviously not our last, but I am sure it will be very special.

We are planning to travel around the world with my husband and our two kids. And not just for a month or so, but for WHOLE YEAR!

How this idea of us four travelling around the world came up then? It’s a question many have asked me when they have heard about our travelling around the world idea. We came up with this idea with my husband only half-seriously about 5 years ago.

image: pixabay.com
image: pixabay.com

We have dreamed about a total take off, sunny beaches, spending lazy and simple life with our kids for a one year. First we planned to finance our relaxed holiday by saving money and selling our house. But we didn´t know back then that our trip would not be an easy-going vacation, but a true business trip at the same time!

Our plan is to meet our Papu agents and retailers, visit fairs and garment factories, gather new brands to Weecos, meet our customers and get inspired by the wonders of the world. And who knows, if we are very lucky, we will gain some investors from the U.S.A for our businesses!

Here are some basic facts of the Journey around the world :

  • We are leaving Finland in June and coming back in spring/summer 2017.
  • We are not going to sell our house, but we will rent it.
  • Our son is going to start the 4th grade and we will teach him during the trip. Our daughter is five years old.
  • First we are going to travel around Europe by a van and then we will fly to Asia and Australia.
  • In spring 2017 we will discover California for three months.

Some might wonder is it worthwhile to leave our home country now when our companies and kids are so young. However, I have always believed that there isn’t a thing called “the perfect moment”. The perfect moment is right here and now, because I feel so 😉 Of course our journey around the world requires a lot of arrangements. Fortunately, we are lucky we have found great people around us to whom we can trust our business while we are on the road.

During the year I will write about our experiences from different places and how we manage to make a business trip with the family. The next post includes more of our travelling plans and how we get ready for the journey.

You will find my posts under the tags Business mama travels and the journey. So stay tuned, I´m sure this is going to be amazing!

What do you think, doesn´t this sound exciting?! Have you done the same or do you know someone who have travelled around the world with kids? I would be very happy to hear from you 🙂

So thrilled and excited about this – it seems that we are really going to do it!



The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.  – Anthony Robbins

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