29 Jun

Weecos Birthday!

It is time for celebrations!

Weecos Ltd was established on the 28th of June in 2012, so the company is now 5 years old! Weecos – Sustainable Marketplace service was launched in Midsummer 2013 and it is now 4 years old.

Last year has been truly the best one so far. We have grown in many ways: new board of directors, plenty of new customers, amazing new brands and new extremely skillful team members. I am so grateful for all these things!

The thing that I am most proud of, is that we are making concrete actions to support our core values. Ecological and sustainable lifestyle has always been the core of Weecos. But in addition, human rights, equality and social justice are extremely important.  These are the reasons why Weecos was born five years ago: we want to create better world through value-based business that is shown in our business model and concrete actions. Best thing is that we are not alone! The brands, customers and partners create a strong network that can truly change the world.

This is the start for the new year of Weecos: let’s create a better world through concrete actions!

I am starting my summer season in the deep woods with all its positive energy. I wish you all find a perfect place to fill up your energies during summer! Enjoy the moment, feel the present and relax.


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