Mitä ovat Refibra™ ja Nokian Neulomon Remium-neulos?

Nokian Neulomon toiminta saatiin kaksi vuotta sitten pyörimään teidän tukenne ansiosta! Nokian Neulomon tavoitteena on alusta alkaen ollut tuotteiden ohella tehdä myös uusia materiaali-innovaatioita ja muuttaa vaateteollisuutta. Kesällä 2017 Nokian Neulomo kutsuttiin tuotekehitystyöhön kehittämään high-end -neulosta Lenzingin leikkuujätepuuvillaan ja puukuituihin pohjautuvasta Refibra™-kuidusta. Premium-neuloksen kehitykseen Nokian Neulomo on ideaali kumppani, sillä tuotannolla on pitkäaikainen kokemus sekä erikoiskehrättyjenlankojen käytöstä että lyocell-kuitujen värjäyksestä ja painamisesta. Syksyn 2017 aikana tehtaalla on […]

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How do Papu Design, Uhana Design and NOUKI handle their deadstock?

Deadstock is a massive problem as stated last week. So we asked what happens to Papu Design’s, Uhana Design’s and NOUKI’s deadstock – what do they do with their collection’s leftovers? Or is there any leftover and how’s that possible? *** All three brands emphasize that the key element for not having products around the […]

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Recycling of discarded rental textiles – see where TAUKO’s raw materials origin

The main raw material used for the TAUKO clothes is discarded textiles provided by textile service companies. These companies rent out textiles for hotels, restaurants and healthcare. Annually tons of bed linen and table clothes are discarded in Helsinki and Berlin, and the amount of textile waste for one textile service company is more than 150 kg per day. Very little […]

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Episode 11: Here it happens!

In the eleventh episode of Hardcore Fashion, Paula Malleus visits the museum of Amos Anderson – the place where Revolt collection is revealed in two weeks! In addition to three MEM pieces, what else must be done before the show? Watch the eleventh episode of Hardcore Fashion and hear what plans Paula has for the runway show.   […]

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EPISODE 5: MEM Hardcore Fashion – What Is Anarchy in MEM?

Anarchy! What does that mean to designer and master seamstress Paula Malleus and how it can be seen in Paula’s collections? In the fifth episode of Hardcore Fashion, Paula ponders anarchy and branding from a philosophical point of view. What do these words things mean to her? We can assure that not the very traditional meaning! In addition, […]

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Outi Pyy visited the Chinese clothing factories in the late 90s’. The experience changed her way of thinking and nowadays she encourages consumers to take care and humanise their clothes.   In 1998 Outi, a 20-year-old seamstress student, travelled to China for a three-week internship. Her mum worked at the purchasing sector for a sportswear […]


Paula Malleus challenges the whole textile industry system

There she was. Standing at the huge sorting centre of Fida, a charity organization in Finland. The space was filled with used clothes and other recycled textiles. “There’s something seriously wrong with this system”, thought Paula Malleus, the founder of Remake EkoDesign and MEM. And became the pioneer of post consumer waste fashion, her collection would […]

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Recycling your textiles

Do you buy your clothes after consideration or can there be found clothes with price tags in your closet? In this world where fashion and trends change rapidly, have you ever thought how much fabric is thrown to the trash when manufacturing clothes? Or does it even matter to you? * * * It has […]

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