Pre-consumer Waste, Zero Waste, Pre-Sale – Lost In Textile Waste Terms?

Pre-consumer waste. Post-consumer waste. Zero waste. Pre-sale. Mass-upcycling. Heard them but never really understood them? These terms are unfamiliar to quite many or often confused together. All of these terms back up the circular economy, which is seen, as stated in the previous Lost in terms post, as the future’s business model. Managing textile waste, […]

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Lost in Terms?

  Up-cycling. Recycling. Down-cycling. A lot of new terms have popped up lately, and they are often new, confused together or misused. As Weecos also has a quite wide range of products using these methods in their production a simple vocabulary of these essential words is needed. *** CIRCULAR ECONOMY The big, trendy term – […]

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Clothing Brands Changing the Fashion More Sustainable

Big brands are using new technologies to make fashion more sustainable. But we feel that smaller design brands are doing significant work too, as it’s said, “big things have small beginnings”. Especially when people working together. So meet TAUKO Design, Reet Aus and Paula Malleus, brands who’s work have influence on the environmental issues as well. *** […]

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Reet Aus Finds Solutions For The Fashion Industry’s Problems

At the moment the clothing industry is based on fast and cheap production, and quantity runs over quality. This is completely unsustainable and the reason why Reet Aus, an Estonian fashion designer and PhD, wants to change the mass production system from inside out. In addition to upcycling and certifications, Reet sees taxes and conscious […]

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