Weecos sustainable lifestyle

Weecos is a sustainable marketplace born out of the need. Ecological, sustainable and responsible development will be one of the strongest trends shaping consumer behaviour during this century. People want to make better choices and they are interested in the origins of the products. We unite these people with independent designers who make quality products with a personal twist.

Power to the community! The core idea is to offer a genuine alternative for disposable shopping culture and to raise the awareness of the hottest sustainable brands and high-quality range of products, which are ecologically and ethically produced. Weecos has a validated, vast collection of products from the rising stars from global sustainable design field.

The marketplace is the beginning. We want to create a home for a whole lifestyle and this blog is the next big step. Here we want to raise awareness of the social and environmental sustainability matters. We will provide you information on the latest innovations and recent studies from the field of sustainability.

This might sound larger than life philosophy but we can guarantee that it is just life! We are all learning and learning means making mistakes, acknowledging them, learning more and moving on. We want to make this journey fun, interesting and communal. So challenge us and take part in the discussion!


Anna Kurkela

Lifestyle entrepreneur, Designer, Creative and Co-founder of Weecos.
Finding ways to combine entrepreneurship, traveling and balanced family life. Loves beautiful interiors and sustainable Scandinavian design with edgy twist.

Anu Hurme

Communications and Content producer in Weecos
Interested in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate communications, looking for new ideas and ways of doing sustainable business. Enjoys travelling, team sports and outdoor activities!

Hanna Lusila

Co-founder and CEO of Weecos marketplace
Excited about sustainable business – its possibilities and challenges, new innovations, phonomenan and entrepreneuship. Enjoys the wonders of nature, forests and inspiring books.

Lotta Heinämäki

Marketing and Customer relations in Weecos
Interested in the power of social media and how it can be used to promote sustainable lifestyle. Gets inspired by beautiful pictures and well prepared sushi.