Textiles Out of Bananas, Pineapples And Fungus?

As we’ve come aware of the environmental impacts of cotton, for example, technology has taken a role for years in creating new materials. Several technological innovations, alternatives for the traditional materials, have emerged. Are bananas, mushrooms and pineapples familiar to you and perhaps the answers to ethical and sustainable fashion? *** PINEAPPLE Could your next […]

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Best Summer Islands of Helsinki

Buying from local designers and brands is one thing, but one can easily think that local travel doesn’t have a lot to offer. We at Weecos wanted to prove otherwise, so we took a field day in July and headed to the surrounding islands of Helsinki: Isosaari, Lonna, Vallisaari & Suomenlinna. We also geared up […]

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Episode 11: Here it happens!

In the eleventh episode of Hardcore Fashion, Paula Malleus visits the museum of Amos Anderson – the place where Revolt collection is revealed in two weeks! In addition to three MEM pieces, what else must be done before the show? Watch the eleventh episode of Hardcore Fashion and hear what plans Paula has for the runway show.   […]

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Clothing Brands Changing the Fashion More Sustainable

Big brands are using new technologies to make fashion more sustainable. But we feel that smaller design brands are doing significant work too, as it’s said, “big things have small beginnings”. Especially when people working together. So meet TAUKO Design, Reet Aus and Paula Malleus, brands who’s work have influence on the environmental issues as well. *** […]

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