18 Apr

Challenge accepted! One outfit, one week

A while ago we got an interesting e-mail from a fashion design student Laura Rusanen. She contacted us and asked if we would be interested to take part in her ongoing clothing challenge. The point of the challenge is to wear a same piece of clothing or outfit for a longer period of time.

Laura got the idea when she got tired of thinking what to wear every morning. She got sick of the feeling that she couldn’t wear the same clothes just because she had worn them yesterday. What if someone would notice and think she’s boring and doesn’t have any imagination at all?

That’s why she wanted to challenge herself (and others!) to wear the same clothes for a longer period of time. Laura is showing an example by wearing the same black cotton dress for a whole year and currently she’s on day number 228. You can read more about Laura’s experiences on her blog 1dress365days.

I found Laura’s challenge super fascinating. The timing is also right because Fashion Revolution starts next week and I want to do something concrete. So, I’ll follow Laura’s example for a week starting from Monday the 18th of April.

What to wear? This has been the hardest part so far. It should be something that fits different kind of occasions, for work and fancier events. After a hard look at my wardrobe I found a nice combination of clothes suitable for this challenge.

For the top piece I picked this natural white t-shirt I bought from RCM’s presales last autumn. The shirt was delivered to me a few weeks back and it’s currently my favorite garment. It’s made from hemp and organic cotton in a certified factory in China.


This Papu Design’s Kenno Skirt was an easy pick for a bottom. I fell in love with this skirt immediately after seeing it for the first time and I have been using it a lot during the last year. The material is soft organic cotton and it’s made in Portugal, in a Finnish owned factory.


What do you think? In my opinion this outfit is quite classic, elegant and goes well in different occassions. I’m going to change the style a little bit with different accessories, shirts and stockings.


I’ll keep you posted how this goes and how I feel about it. I’m pretty excited about this! How about you, will you accept the challenge too?

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