24 Aug

Home sweet home!

 Looking for new furniture for your child’s room or playful ideas to keep your kids toys in order? We have gathered the best of Finnish design together – designs so gorgeous that your kids want to stay at home to play.

These brands represent not only first-class design but also sustainable values and buying from Weecos is a direct purchase from your favourite brand. Timeless and unique designs that last through life, from one home to another. Enjoy!

Style by Peeta Peltola. Photo by Mikael Pettersson.

Korento kid’s bed by Lumokids.
Building blocks by Siluettiverstas.
Style by Peeta Peltola. Photo by Mikael Pettersson.

Birch poster by Kati-Marika.
Postcards by Keanne Illustration.


Pssst, did you know that there are over 60 home and decor sustainable in Weecos. When shopping in Weecos, you are shopping straight from your favourite brands. No storage, no extra hands. Just you and the awesome brands!


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