6 Mar

Inspirational home decor and accessories brands in Weecos!

Looking for inspirational home decor or eye-cathing accessories? Then Kerafiikka, Runo DesignVitavihandmade and Mamakoru are the right brands for you! Weecos unites you trustworthily with sustainable brands. A decision made in Weecos is a purchase made straight from the brand itself. There are no extra hands between you and your favourite designers.



Henriikka Leppänen, the founder of Kerafiikka, is an ceramics designer and maker from Norh Karelia, Finland. She is inspired by clay and she gets ideas by observing and feeling its qualities. Clay as a material is filled with energy that has travelled through ice ages and gains its final form in the heat of the kiln.

For Henriikka, it is important that a product looks and feels good, is practical whilst also being multi-functional. She wishes to create something new where modern and traditional elegantly meet.





Behind RunoDesign is Mervi Pesonen, a Savonlinna-based textile designer . RunoDesign collections include bags and home decor made from RunoDesign’s own woven fabrics collection, as well as handprinted linen textiles.

The RunoDesign collection is inspired by Finnish textile traditions: homely, woven fabrics and the graphic design style of the ’50s. Soft and natural colors reflect the surrounding landscape of Lake Saimaa. RunoDesign fabrics are woven in Finland and products are made in Savonlinna.




The designer and maker behind vitavihandmade is Vita. She creates botanical crochet jewelry and home décor, getting everyday inspiration from nature, flowers and plants. In Vitavihandmade products only natural cotton is used and everything is done by hand, trying to make the pieces simple but unique.




MAMAkoru is a Finnish jewelry line designed by Petra Eriksson. From design to manufacturing, the MAMAkoru jewelry is made locally to reflect our Finnish roots. The laser-cut jewelry pieces are made in Hauho from painted birch plywood, some of them are painted by hand. The acrylic jewelry is cut from acrylic sheets through a new manufacturing partner in Helsinki.

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