21 Dec

Meet the New Sustainable Brands in Weecos!

At the moment, there are 206 brands in our sustainable marketplace, the place uniting sustainable designer brands and you! In Weecos shopping ethical brands is easy and trustworthy as there are no extra hands between you and your favourite designers.

We are proud to present you Klaus Haapaniemi Giants, Anna Ruohonen, Tuokio and Vestiarium!



Having always been rooted in the rich narratives of Nordic folklore, Klaus Haapaniemi adds another facet to his design repertoire with a new collection of childrenswear, in partnership with designer and denim specialist, Tiina Salmela. Playfully entitled ‘Klaus Haapaniemi Giants’, it encourages imagination and curiosity for the great outdoors – each garment constructed with a superior robust quality suitable for even the most adventurous of explorers.



Designer Anna Ruohonen’s principal idea is to concentrate on the quality and to reduce the quantity. Therefore, her concept is based on the idea of ecological responsibility. Her clothes are made to endure time as beautiful objects. Timeless design combined with high-quality materials and craftsmanship guarantees sustainable and ethical fashion. Anna Ruohonen’s ambition is to bring beauty to everyday life; with locally produced elegant, well-cut, high-quality clothing.



Muotoiluhuone Tuokio is all about colours, pleasure and some sort of minimalism with a twist of humour. The goal of this young design company is to bring joy, stories and beauty to everyday life in the form of various accessories and postcards, for instance. All designs and illustrations are the brand’s own handwriting. All products are manufactured in Finland, as environmentally friendly and responsibly as possible. Tuokio wants to support Finnish work and expertise by acquiring all materials from Finland as well.



Vestiarium is a womenswear concept created to support and celebrate purposeful women of the world. To offer slow fashion for fast women. Each seasonal collection is a combination of newcomers and classics available from one season to another. The production is run ethically and locally in family-run boutiques in Estonia and Finland. Vestiarium stands for high-quality natural materials and carefully fine-tuned designs.

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