28 Jun

Meet the new brands Suoma Design, Hulmu, Palmiina and Hicca!

In Weecos, we unite sustainable designers with you! We make shopping responsible brands easy and trustworthy as there are no extra hands between you and your favourite designers.

With love, we present to you our new brands Palmiina, Hicca, Hulmu and Suoma Design!


Behind the brand Palmiina is Tuija Palm, a seamstress living in the Finnish countryside. Tuija believes in transparent production chains and she wants to inspire others to focus on ethical choices. The clothes by Palmiina are manufactured in Finland and personalized with unique details distinguishing Tuija’s product from others.



The playful HICCA-clothes are designed to last time and use throughout the year. HICCA (meaning hiccup) manufactures their clothes and accessories in Europe from Oeko-tex fabrics. To avoid deadstock, fabrics are used comprehensively and the smallest products are made from cutting waste. HICCA also donates clothes for low-income families via a Finnish non-governmental organisation Hope.



Hulmu was born out of a passion for natural, timeless beauty and can be characterized by classical, clear lines, which function both in everyday and festive use. Hulmu is a nature-friendly choice in various ways as they use nature’s own materials and support local production by designing and manufacturing the Hulmu collection in Finland. The olive tree -buttons are made in Italy and all the softened linen fabrics come from Lithuania. The team avoids combining organic and inorganic materials so that the products would be easy to recycle or return to nature.



Suoma Design is a family company from Fiskars, Finland, and designs nature-inspired posters and accessories in addition to textiles. The products are manufactured partly in Lithuania, partly in Finland and every year Suoma Design gives 5 % of their profit to charity.


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