23 Mar

Meet The New Sustainable Brand in Weecos!

Lapinkettu, Sopiva, Vera-Vera and Aka Bubble – these brilliant brands you have to meet!

Between you and your favourite designers, there are no storages or extra hands between as the purchase made in Weecos is a purchase straight from the brand itself. At the moment there are 221 brands and over 5100 Weecos unites you trustworthily with sustainable brands.


For the founder Saana Lapinkangas, it is crucial that renewable and local resources, such as wood and reindeer leather, are used in the products of Lapinkettu. Saana’s inspiration comes from the animals and nature of Lapland. Lapinkettu was founded in 2016, and in all the products only Finnish manufacturers are used and hand-made work valued.



SOPIVA was founded in 2016 by Mirjami Petro-Uotila’s passion to do things better. Petro-Uotila has worked as a clothing designer, and as an importer and exporter of clothes worldwide. The long experience in Asia, has given her the opportunity to see both the good and bad sides of clothing production. Therefore, Petro-Uotila wants to prove that Asia is not all about cheap clothes, but also a continent of high-quality, ethically operating companies. The SOPIVA products are made by small entrepreneurs in China, India and Nepal and so, the number of products can be kept small, quality control is good, and the factory’s everyday life is open and known for all partners.

SOPIVA is about classical and reasonably priced luxury.  The accessories and jewellery by SOPIVA feature both everyday and festive luxury, and in her collection cashmere, merino wool, linen, freshwater pearls and natural beads are used. SOPIVA’s products are produced by the principles of direct trade, a new business model, in which no extra hands are between.



Vera-Vera was born out of a desire to do something very own while creating a better tomorrow by using those natural materials our grandparents already used. High-quality and timeless materials guarantee bedding sets, bed sheets and towels that will withstand use and will not be out of fashion next year. Vera-vera supports Finnish work and uses Finnish materials as much as possible. All products are designed and manufactured 100% in Finland.



Aka Bubble is a clothing studio founded in 2015 by Ting-Yun Huang, aka Bubble, and focuses on sustainable design. Bubble started paying attention to ethical and sustainable design after experiencing negative effects from chemical dyes during her studies. She decided to start her own studio to make safe and friendly clothes.  Therefore, the organic line by Aka Bubble highly values quality materials as they have a mild and friendly character, the cotton breathes and the bamboo is antibacterial.

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