18 May

Episode 4: MEM Hardcore Fashion – It’s Time For Decisions

In the third episode of Hardcore Fashion designer and Master Seamstress Paula Malleus, showed the Revolt collections pieces to Trashionista Outi Les Pyy who gave her viewpoints on it. What she thought of the pieces and what does Paula think? Is she going to make changes to Revolt? What are the editorial pieces going to look like? Join the meeting Paula has with her team.

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Read also why Paula is called the pioneer of post-consumer waste from the previous post about Paula Malleus and MEM.


One of the key elements in Weecos is that we can share the stories behind products and show you who are behind the brands. We want you to get familiar with the inspirational designers and makers, the souls of the brands. In this vlog series, we show how a fashion collection entirely from post-consumer waste is made and of course, the people behind it.

Designer and Master Seamstress Paula Malleus, the founder of MEM by Paula Malleus, is a pioneer of post-consumer waste fashion, which means she focuses entirely on recycled fashion. There’s plenty of stories to tell and for you to see before The Revolt collection is revealed at Helsinki Fashion Week in July.

A new episode is released every Thursday. You can follow the Weecos vlog by ordering our blog posts or by following our Youtube channel. Stay tuned!

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