4 Apr

Weecos Style For Men!

Weecos for men is finally here, and may we just say – WAAAAAU! What a wide and wonderful range of men’s bags, sunglasses, hats and clothes we have. There not only real attitude but also great stories behind each and every designer. We want you to get to know their statements and values as well and in this post, we introduce you to ILJANA, KAUNEVE and MUUTE. Enjoy!


 ILJANA – “Make love, don’t waste”

“Our statement not only refers to our ethical and ecological principles but also to the fact that we should waste no time for prejudice, hate or fear but live fully every day, treating our fellow beings like our loved ones. All our products tell a story: either through prints, patterns or materials. We stand for sustainability, transparency, honesty, independence, cooperation, equality, gender-freedom, love and open ends. We are for excess feelings, not excess consumption.”

“These values, we hope and believe, are also reflected in today’s men’s fashion: more thought and consciousness when it comes to production and materials, fewer restrictions when it comes to gender and style.”

KAUNEVE“More sustainable, more comfortable, more beautiful”

“The main values for Kauneve are sustainability, comfort, and most of all – inspiring looks. We use ecologically and ethically produced materials in our garments, and they are all made in Finland.”

“Kauneve designs and produces accessories for men who value long-lasting and practical products with high quality. In our opinion, the trends in men’s clothing change less frequently than in women’s clothing. We in Kauneve want to design classic products that last more than one trend period – this makes them even more sustainable.”

MUUTE“Nothing good comes out of hurry”

“MUUTE creates unisex and timeless backpacks and bags from recycled materials. We believe that plain is beautiful and that nothing good comes out of hurry. Therefore, every bag is made to order with the intention to produce reliable and long-lasting companions for your adventures.”

“One of our newcomers is isoAHTI, the big brother of AHTI backpack. isoAHTI fits perfectly on wide shoulders and holds everything a man needs for a day at work, the gym or a hike in the woods.”


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