17 May

New Kidswear in Weecos!

Pop & Co, KUI Design, Leuto Kidswear and Lil Jo & Vilja – the new kidswear brands that joined the sustainable marketplace Weecos!

In Weecos, all brands maintain their own Weecos-shop and send the orders to you. There are no storages or extra hands between and therefore, a purchase made in Weecos is a purchase straight from the brand itself. Find your favourite designs from almost 230 sustainable brands!



Designer Petra Kiuru describes her brand’s first collection as a Princess’s everyday wardrobe. As Petra has lived and worked all her life with kids fashion, she has also followed the effects of mass-production. Therefore, Petra wanted her own label to concentrate on design, fit, quality and sustainability matters, to source each trim, hangtag and button herself to be sure that the production meets her values. Petra is constantly sourcing new, innovative materials as her aim is to produce most of her collections pieces from recycled and organic materials. All the frilly and glittery beauties by Pop & Co are manufactured at their own factory in Riga, Latvia.



KUI Design (meaning how and why in English) was founded over 10 years ago when the freshly graduates Anna Hormio and Rebekka Ketola pondered their choices of career. For the first few years of KUI, all the products were printed and sewn at their studio, but nowadays KUI is a team of five and some parts of the manufacturing are done by local subcontractors. In the KUI clothes and accessories, natural materials such as linen, cotton and wool are prefered. Anna and Rebekka feel that the richness of their work comes from new ideas, moments of success and even failures and from their wonderful customers.



After years of dreaming of being a clothing designer and an entrepreneur, Lil Jo & Vilja kidswear brand was founded. All the clothes of Lil Jo & Vilja are produced in Turku, Finland, in their own studio and with the assistance of local subcontractors. The GOTS- and ÖKO-TEX certified fabrics come from Europe. The founders’ value durability and easy care of clothes high.



The Leuto Kidswear styles are based on the beautiful northern nature, Scandinavian shades and timeless textures. The pieces stand out with playful cuts and are handmade from high-quality materials.


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