11 Jan

New Fabulous Brands in Weecos!

In Weecos, we unite sustainable designer brands and you! We make shopping responsible brands easy and trustworthy as there are no extra hands between you and your favourite designers.

With love we present you our new brands Karina, Sasha Kretova, Gewila Nightwear and Viilu!



Karina is a new jewellery line, established in February 2017 by Anni Lehtonen. Jewellery designer Anni designs and makes all the pieces in her workshop, which is located in Tampere, Finland.

From Anni’s jewellery, Nordic style can be found, and the casted silver is 80% recycled, and the casted bronze is 89% recycled.



Sasha Kretova is a designer, illustrator and musician living in Helsinki, Finland. She loves simple things such as drawing, baking, pretty patterns and exploring the city on my bike. From those simple, yet creative things she found her passion: turning piles of blank paper into beautiful paper products. Therefore, she started her own stationery brand in 2014, designing and making notebooks, sketchbooks and planners. In addition, Sasha makes illustrations.



Comfort, elegance and natural fabrics –  that’s what Gewila Nightwear is all about!

The idea for Gewila Nightwear came when the founder, in her 40´s started having problems sleeping and found neither big, thick nightgowns nor short satin gowns comfortable. As she could find perfect nightwear, she decided to make them herself and so, the breathable, light and stunning-looking nightwear brand was born. Most of Gewila’s fabrics are GOTS certified or considered in other ways environmentally friendly.



Viilu Jewelry was born in summer 2017 from the passion for wood. Viilu is a Finnish word which means veneer, a thin layer of wood and behind the design is a designer couple Tobias and Susanna Feuerbacher. The attraction of the design is based on a combination of clear shapes and lively texture of wood and all the pieces are handmade of pine, smoked oak, coloured birch and silver.

 Like every tree, every piece of wood has its own character and story to tell.

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