22 Feb

Recycling of discarded rental textiles – see where TAUKO’s raw materials origin

The main raw material used for the TAUKO clothes is discarded textiles provided by textile service companies. These companies rent out textiles for hotels, restaurants and healthcare. Annually tons of bed linen and table clothes are discarded in Helsinki and Berlin, and the amount of textile waste for one textile service company is more than 150 kg per day. Very little of these textiles are recycled.

The rental textiles are made to last long, withstand heavy use and maintenance, but at the same time, they are very comfortable, soft and light. This means that they are perfect materials for clothing. We select carefully the highest quality fabrics from local service companies.

TAUKO’s primary materials are the mix fabrics that contain 50% polyester and 50% cotton and 100% polyester fabrics. These are the best fabrics to be reused as they are light, durable and easy to maintain. Also, the fabrics that contain mixed fibres are the most difficult to recycle, and there are yet very few recycling programs for these kinds of textiles. We are working very hard to make use of these textiles as much as possible, and we keep on developing and working together with other organisations to reduce the amount of textile waste.

If not used as the raw material for TAUKO collections, most of the textiles are burned as energy waste, some are used for constructions sites or alike as fills and some are recycled via different organisations that have campaigns around the theme of recycling.

At the moment TAUKO works together with four different Finnish textile service companies and two German companies.
TAUKO values transparency is everything they do. The whole production chain is opened in TAUKO’s products.

Refining the used textiles for fashion production is one of the main interests of TAUKO. We’ll find for each material a method that best suits its weight, knit and texture.

Most of the raw textiles used for TAUKO collections are dyed with reactive colours. Also, the fabrics for jackets are weatherproofed for endurance. To be able to avoid unnecessary treatments, we use mainly raw materials for linings. Polish, Estonian and Finnish dyeing companies are working together with us to make the dyeing process as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our collections are crafted in small batches by small sewing companies in Europe. These companies have a culture of respect for the workers and high-quality production. The production places are written on the trade sheets attached to each design to value the expertise and hard work done in the sewing companies.

For the collections, each piece is cut one by one in order to make sure that the characteristics of the recycled materials blend nicely together in the ready clothes.

The zippers are made from recycled plastic bottles (PET). The press studs are nickel free metal buttons. We avoid using new oil-based materials like plastics in all the production, even the smallest details are designed according to our ideals.

Text: Mila Moisio / TAUKO

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