3 Jun

Summer greetings from Weecos

New layoyt, new blog, new shops, co-operations with inspirational people, first marketing video, FIN POP-UP in Sokos, plenty of new customers and motivated team! This sums up the amazing spring we have had and gives us strength to continue the development of the Weecos towards sustainable lifestyle ecosystem.

Since the beginning of the year have had triple amount of visitors comparing to last year. This means, that more and more people are motivated to look for quality design that has responsible manufacturing and that is driven by fearless designers. Also Sokos has made a great deed to improve the availability of these products by letting us set up FIN POP-UP in Sokos Helsinki. Thank you Sokos for the co-operation!

FIN POP-UP was launched in Fashion Revolution week and the initial idea came from Heidi Korva, the organizer of Finland’s Fashion Revolution. Thank you Heidi for initiating the pop-up and other co-operations. Let the Fashion Revolution continue whole year around!

We have been part of Neulomo that aims to keep the Finnish textile industry in Nokia, improve it and develop it further. Papu Design’s Kanto-mekko pre-sale was huge success. Thank you all who took part to it. It has been rewarding journey so far and let’s keep the fingers crossed that we are able to continue.

At the beginning of the May we had Weecos Goes Black campaign to celebrate our all time favorite black design. During the campaign we were privileged to meet Paula from MEM, and Pedro and Jenna from Wwoollff Co. and hear their stories and tell those forward. Thank you guys! In the future we will organize campaigns such as Weecos Goes black and share insights from our brilliant designers to you.

So what’s next?

Weecos is now a toddler and we will celebrate our three years of existance during the week 25. So stay tuned, we have nice celebrations coming.

In Autumn we will turn the new gear and speed up the development in many ways. During autumn we will launch crow funding campaing – exiting!

Anna starts her own amazing journey around the world with her family, and boosts Weecos’ internationalization at the same time. Look out world, here we come.

I am sure that we will create new co-operation models, meet more inspiring  people and increase our team size.

Last but not least! Anu gave us lessons how to improve ourselves as writers and produce better blog posts. Sneak peek from our office in Nokia. So let’s see what kind of masters of pen we will become 😉

Learning to be a better writer in Weecos office.
Learning to be a better writer in Weecos office. Anna is on the left, Lotta in front and Anu hosting the session.


I am now off to carry out one of my big dreams already from childhood and go to Queen concert! Rocking summer to yall!


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