21 Sep

The Best Hats for Fall In Weecos

Fall is in the air here and I couldn’t be more excited! Why? Because, finally, the hat season is on! The right hat or headband does not only protect you from the cold but also is cosy, breathable and actually doesn’t feel that you’re wearing a hat.

We gathered five ideas to warm up your head during the chilly weather – get inspired by these stylish, colourful brands and other hats in Weecos!


Saaristo woolly hat – 45 €

Tarttuva’s hat is both breathable and warm! The hat is designed and knitted in Finland and has both G.O.T.S. and Bluesign certifications, which ensure that the materials’ production process takes ecological and ethical values into account. Available in several colours!


In the Woods Pihjala Myssy – 74 €

The new collection of Myssyfarmi celebrates the colours of the Finnish forest all year round. Oh, this beanie is super soft to the skin, handmade by grandmas and 100% organic Finnish sheep wool.


Overthinking Cap – 72 €

Perhaps you’re not a hat person but fond of caps? Fortunately, this unisex cap by Shy Vibes Club is perfect for early spring and fall season as the material is 100% IVN-certified organic wool.

Give your brain a break and let this cute cap do the overthinking for you!


Maroon Turban – 49 €

The material of this Herné turban is thick and soft for the winter weather. Turban is easy to wear, comfortable and spices up your look!


This practical headband for everyday use is made out of wool that comes from  Vuonue ja Viipsinpuu’s own Finnish landrace sheep. The wonderfully soft yarn is traditionally spun using their great-great-grandma’s old spinning roll. The headband is hand-knitted and all production takes place on our little farm.

Do you use hats when Fall starts? Which one is your favourite?

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