7 Apr

These are the brands at Weecos Pop-up at Sokos Helsinki!

Now we have confirmed the amazing eight brands that you can find from the Finnish Design Pop-up powered by Sokos and Weecos!

Earlier this month we told you that we will open a Pop-up together with Sokos and Fashion Revolution Finland at Sokos Helsinki. The Pop-up will open in the beginning of the Fashion Revolution Week, the 18th of April, and lasts until till the end of July!

As said before, the first week, from the 18th to the 24th of April, the Finnish Design Pop-up is dedicated and themed according to Fashion Revolution. The week is about being curios and finding out #whomademyclothes. It’s easy to take part into Fashion Revolution!

Nevertheless, back to our amazing eight Pop-up brands… We are proud to say that these eight quality brands at Sokos Helsinki do definitely know for sure who has made their products!



In 2010 there was a true demand for something that would gather conscious youth together and that’s when Roots Cultural Movement (RCM)  was founded. The products are made from hemp and organic cotton. RCM resonates in design and skateboarding scenes in Finland and spreads the positive and conscious vibrations globally.



The designers behind Ludicrous believe in the power of community. They manufacture only a few pieces of each clothing and all the Ludicrousclothing belong to the Fair Wear Foundation.


  nouki4 nouki5

Nouki is a new Finnish women’s fashion brand! Nouki designs casual high-quality clothes and plays with fresh prints.



The cornerstones of Papu Design are responsibility, transparency, brave design and collaboration. All Papu products are high quality, long lasting and made of certified organic cotton.



The products by  Uhana Design are designed and made in Finland so the supply chain is clear and transparent from the beginning to the end! And yes, Uhana is the one behind the sooooo famous Drop earrings!


poola7 poola5 poola3

Timeless design, oddly beautiful, functional and ethically manufactured products. That’s what the lovely Poola Kataryna is about!



New life to new cool items! The good quality bags of Muute are made from secondhand and leftover fabrics. Looks good, right?


 MOIMOI is a sustainable leather bags and accessories brand based in Helsinki. We believe in traditional craftsmanship, durable materials and clean designs. MOIMOI is for all styles and ages!


Are you familiar with these eight brands or are they completely new to you? Feel free to get to know to these products and the designers behind them better beforehand by clicking the brand’s name.

If you have anything you want to ask about these brands or their supply chains, contact us!

And again, you are most welcome to the Finnish Design Pop-up powered by Sokos & Weecos at Helsinki!

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