8 Sep

Weecos in New York with sustainable design brands

Weecos heads to New York to the Finnish design event The House of Finland. The event is held between 11.-14.9.2017 and is part of a larger event – the Finland100NYC. There Weecos represents the emerging, responsible and interesting brands in our own department.

The brands joining this event are Aapiste, Finarte, Jatuli, Kuula + Jylhä, MEM by Paula Malleus, Mine Gungör, Mori Collective, MUKA VA, Nord-T, Nouki, Papu, Shy Vibes Club and Uhana Design.

What do Uhana Design and MEM by Paula Malleus expect to achieve in New York – read further! Get also to know Mine Güngör.


Uhana Design

“At the same time, we feel excited and a bit frightened – we are definitely stepping outside of our comfort zone. However, we believe that the locals get inspired by Finnish products, as it is Nordicness is very popular at the moment. A New Yorker is charmed by Uhana’s distinctive prints and the recognisable, strong, Scandinavian design.

We also hope to get feedback and a few new contacts in our back pockets before we return!”

“We are thrilled about going to New York – for MEM it can be compared to a lottery win! We are also very excited to meet both friends and new people with whom we have arranged appointments for the week. We are looking forward to finding new contacts and potential partners who could help us spread the ideology of circular economy and remanufacturing.
People in New York fall in love with MEM because of its liberality and aesthetics. The collection shapes are strong, modern and geometric, which makes MEM a bold trendsetter that addresses all those who appreciate high-quality design and quality without forgetting ecological and ethical values. Each piece saves thousands of litres of water.”


Visual artist Mine Güngör is a designer who considers designing as art. She gets inspired by many elements from the alternative music scene to nature. She is also a former musician, lead singer of the Post Punk band Angelica Kult. Her personality lives in the jewellery and other design products, that are produced ethically in Finland.

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