26 Jun

Weecos x Helsinki Pride Working for Human Rights and the Equal World

We in Weecos believe that every human being is equal and valuable regardless of their sexual orientation or gender expression. We don’t want people to be labelled, discriminated or loathed because of who they choose to love. In addition, we want to back up a community, which inspires, educates and celebrates our diverse society.

And therefore, in the beginning of June, we started a charity campaign to support the Helsinki Pride event. From every campaign product bought, we donate 10 % to the event’s work for human rights and equal world. This year’s themes freedom and responsibility were also especially close to our hearts and as we were planning the campaign, it was delightful to see that the brands in Weecos found it meaningful too.

The Helsinki Pride event is held during this week to celebrate everyone’s right to openly be and live as they are!

The freedom of choosing a life partner is a basic human right. Everyone should be able to live a life as an equal member of their society. Fortunately, there’s already an enormous amount of work done in making the world more equal and accepting. The society changes slowly and it’s the people who make it happen.

“For us, Pride represents freedom and justice. This is, basically, what life is all about: what is right.”

Jenna / Wwoollff

We highly appreciate all individuals and organizations who have taken part in raising awareness of sexual minorities, making them more visible and their voices heard of. And finally, the hard work paid off when same-sex marriages were legalized in Finland on 1st of March 2017.

Nevertheless, despite all the improvements that have been achieved lately, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Being a member of a sexual minority is still somehow unordinary. For example, Trasek (The Finnish Association for transgender and intersex rights) reports that half of the transgender youth are experiencing physical and mental violence and harassment that causes self-destructive behaviour.

“Love belongs to everyone. Equality and the equal treatment of all people are for us and for many others already a foregone conclusion but in reality, to achieve it, there’s still much work that needs to be done in our society.”

Pentti / Formal Friday

We believe that being gay, bi, trans, intersexual or something in between or something completely different is as okay as everything else. That’s why we want to support the extremely important work of the Helsinki Pride event. We are extremely proud to be partnered with Helsinki Pride in 2017.

“My motto “make love, don’t waste” refers not only to the ethical and ecological sustainability but also to the fact that we don’t have time to waste on anger, fear and prejudices. On the contrary, we should live, love and appreciate ourselves and other every day.”

Katja / Iljana

See the whole program of Helsinki Pride here and join the celebration! The most visible event of the Pride week, the parade, is held on Saturday 1st of July. Weecos x Helsinki Pride products are sold here.

Come along to support Helsinki Pride event with us. It’s always worth to fight for the change. Happy Pride!


All photos by Laura Vesa.

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