28 Dec

What a Ride The Year 2017 Has Been!

What a ride! Those words probably describe the year 2017 for us the most.

The Weecos team from left: Anna Kurkela, Anu Hurme, Joonas Saari, Hanna Lusila and Lotta Heinämäki.

During this year, the brands in Weecos have increased with over a hundred and also, the first brands abroad, such as Dimmblá, Wintherland and Reet Aus, have opened their shops in Weecos. Our own team of five has been together for a few months over a year now and together with our brands, we have been able to organise absolutely great events from Antaverkka, Finland to New York! Lessons, like knowing your own value and taking nothing for granted, have undoubtedly been learned.

In the beginning of this year, we had the most inspiring workshop with Suvi Johansson from Tulos Helsinki. Together with Suvi, we explored the world of Weecos customer personas, what kind of person you are. We are also very grateful for Finnish Textile and Fashion for all the supportive discussions and meetings with other companies in the textile industry.

This year is remarkable since it is the first one when we have made societal statements and turned our values into action. In April, we boosted Fashion Revolution with the brands in Weecos and the campaign will definitely be seen again next year. Likewise, will the co-operation with Helsinki Pride continue since transparency and equality are crucial values for us.

Helsinki Pride co-operation has also led us to build a trustworthy, inspiring relationship with Väestöliitto, the Family Federation of Finland. We are concentrating actively on equality and sexual rights with them as we believe that everyone should have the right to sexual education and to be proudly just the way they are, for instance. But from that, you will hear more next year!

Almost at the end of the year, Bright Friday movement was launched as a counterforce to Black Friday since we don’t want to support the event of overconsumption.  Instead, we support considered purchases and encourage people to well-considered decisions. The profit of the 24.11. sales are donated to The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) for environmental protection and nature conservation in Finland. This partner was familiar with us due to Sydänmaani (My Heartland) campaign already. We do love and respect our forests, the everyman’s right to wander in them, and therefore, find it crucial to treasure the forests, from which our whole team gets energy, for the next generations as well. In December, we met the association to set off the co-operation.

Our team wishes you all a lovely, relaxing Christmas and a bubbling New Year!

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