22 Apr

Why Fashion Revolution is important to Weecos?

Fashion Revolution is all about knowing who is behind your clothes and in fact, that’s what Weecos is all about too. We value high the fact that the origins of products are as transparent as possible. In fact, to be able to open a shop at Weecos, the brand must open their production chain as fas as possible.

Weecos was founded due to the need of sustainably made products. The core idea of both Weecos and Fashion Revolution is that we do not want our clothes, accessories or other products to come at the cost of people or our planet. Weecos unites you with brands that highlight transparency, sustainability and ethics. In fact, this is, or at least should be, the new normal as consumers are nowadays more and more interested in the origins of their clothes.The dilemma is that sustainability isn’t a matter of black and white.  Also, we are so alienated from clothes’ production that

The dilemma is that sustainability isn’t a matter of black and white, multiple issues affect it and one can be acting sustainable in many ways. We are also very alienated from clothes’ production and don’t really understand where from the price of domestic products come from.

Therefore, we need worldwide campaigns like Fashion Revolution. To remember that there is a face behind each piece we wear. To remember that we need to look our consumption habits critically and forget disposable shopping culture. To remember that we need to take care of our clothes better, to repair and not through them away.


We call for clothes with stories, we want you to have the opportunity to make sustainable choices trustworthily. Full transparency is a tricky question since it is almost impossible to track cotton all the way, for example. But the brands opening their shop in Weecos must go through our auditing system, in which we ask, among other things, about their production chain, the people behind their products and materials used. The entrepreneurs at Weecos can answer the question #whomademyclothes. Read, for instance, the stories of Lovia, Reet Aus, Kätkö Koru and TAUKO Design.

Ask the brands worldwide #whomademyclothes and see several other ways to take part in Fashion Revolution. And remember that the revolution lasts all year-long – here are some ideas inspired by Fashion Revolution.

  • While shopping, ask yourself do I really need this? Am I going to wear this?
  • Buying quality is the best eco-thing to do. Buy less, but buy quality because it can be used over and over again.
  • Favour those brands whose production chain is transparent. Those who are aware of the story behind their garments are also happy to share it!
  • Take care of your clothes so they will last longer. Remember that clothes can also be fixed.


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