Mitä ovat Refibra™ ja Nokian Neulomon Remium-neulos?

Nokian Neulomon toiminta saatiin kaksi vuotta sitten pyörimään teidän tukenne ansiosta! Nokian Neulomon tavoitteena on alusta alkaen ollut tuotteiden ohella tehdä myös uusia materiaali-innovaatioita ja muuttaa vaateteollisuutta. Kesällä 2017 Nokian Neulomo kutsuttiin tuotekehitystyöhön kehittämään high-end -neulosta Lenzingin leikkuujätepuuvillaan ja puukuituihin pohjautuvasta Refibra™-kuidusta. Premium-neuloksen kehitykseen Nokian Neulomo on ideaali kumppani, sillä tuotannolla on pitkäaikainen kokemus sekä erikoiskehrättyjenlankojen käytöstä että lyocell-kuitujen värjäyksestä ja painamisesta. Syksyn 2017 aikana tehtaalla on […]

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Etuoikeus vai unelma? Miksi Weecos haluaa tukea seksuaalioikeuksia?

Weecos on perustettu edistämään solidaarisempaa ja tasa-arvoisempaa yhteiskuntaa. Se onnistuu yhteistyöllä ja ennakkoluulottomalla asenteella. Mitä kovempaa vastatuuli puhaltaa, sitä kovempaa haluamme laittaa vastaan. *** Tällä hetkellä konservatiiviset liikkeet polkevat maailmalla ihmisoikeuksia, ja erityisesti seksuaalioikeudet ovat maalitauluna. On kestämätöntä, että nykypäivänäkin on yhteiskuntia, joissa ihmiset eivät saa päättää omasta kehostaan, joutuvat pelkäämään ja peittelemään rakkauttaan tai […]

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Greetings From New York!

Almost a month since our journey to New York has passed, and it’s time to catch up! As a short recap for all: we attended the lovely Street Fair and The House of Finland exhibition with 13 Finnish brands. The exhibition was organised by The Finnish American Chamber of Commerce and Finnish Tech, Design and Art (FTDA), […]

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Pre-consumer Waste, Zero Waste, Pre-Sale – Lost In Textile Waste Terms?

Pre-consumer waste. Post-consumer waste. Zero waste. Pre-sale. Mass-upcycling. Heard them but never really understood them? These terms are unfamiliar to quite many or often confused together. All of these terms back up the circular economy, which is seen, as stated in the previous Lost in terms post, as the future’s business model. Managing textile waste, […]

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Lost in Terms?

  Up-cycling. Recycling. Down-cycling. A lot of new terms have popped up lately, and they are often new, confused together or misused. As Weecos also has a quite wide range of products using these methods in their production a simple vocabulary of these essential words is needed. *** CIRCULAR ECONOMY The big, trendy term – […]

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Clothing Brands Changing the Fashion More Sustainable

Big brands are using new technologies to make fashion more sustainable. But we feel that smaller design brands are doing significant work too, as it’s said, “big things have small beginnings”. Especially when people working together. So meet TAUKO Design, Reet Aus and Paula Malleus, brands who’s work have influence on the environmental issues as well. *** […]

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Weecos Birthday!

It is time for celebrations! Weecos Ltd was established on the 28th of June in 2012, so the company is now 5 years old! Weecos – Sustainable Marketplace service was launched in Midsummer 2013 and it is now 4 years old. Last year has been truly the best one so far. We have grown in many […]

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After spending the last summer in Europe, our family headed towards Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and what a great adventure it was! For almost five months we travelled through these places: Shanghai – Bali – Darwin – Brisbane – Sydney – Auckland – Hong Kong – the Philippines (Palawan) – Hong Kong – Tokyo So […]


The Year of Adventures

The year 2017 is moving already full speed ahead! Looking back the year 2016 huge things have happened. We got plenty of new amazing brands, new interesting and pioneer collections, a new implementation partner, a new board of directors and wonderful new team members! And it seems that the pace is going to be as […]

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Summer greetings from Weecos

New layoyt, new blog, new shops, co-operations with inspirational people, first marketing video, FIN POP-UP in Sokos, plenty of new customers and motivated team! This sums up the amazing spring we have had and gives us strength to continue the development of the Weecos towards sustainable lifestyle ecosystem. Since the beginning of the year have had […]

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WWOOLLFF CO. street clothing company has summarized their designer vision into slogan ”Badass clothes – goodass materials”. Let’s take a closer look of what this means in practise. Check out the first post about them if you have not done that already. Trials and materials In design Pedro and Jenna are looking for something that they […]


Weecos Goes Black

We have something special planned for you for the next few weeks: Weecos goes all black! ”What the heck, in the middle of the brightest spring” you might wonder. Trust me, there are many inspiring reasons. During these weeks we introduce to you the black selection in Weecos. Black is the all time favorite and […]

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Recycling your textiles

Do you buy your clothes after consideration or can there be found clothes with price tags in your closet? In this world where fashion and trends change rapidly, have you ever thought how much fabric is thrown to the trash when manufacturing clothes? Or does it even matter to you? * * * It has […]

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Nice to see you here at Weecos sustainable lifestyle blog!

This blog is about sustainable lifestyle. It’s about doing sustainable business, it’s about raising discussion. And having fun while doing it! Welcome to the journey with us! Weecos is about creating good for people and the planet – it is a sustainable marketplace, a place for environmentally friendly and ecological fashion and sustainable design. The […]

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